A Link to the Past

A Link to the Past

A Link to the Past Unblocked

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Unblocked is a very fun classic adventure game. Where you can enjoy one of the wonderful turn-based Zelda games. Your main task is to explore dungeons, complete quests, and eliminate your enemies. You will be assigned different missions, and you will explore more different levels of play.

There are some main characters that you can interact with. Use your sword and shield to destroy your enemies. This game includes 2D graphics and horizontal gameplay with side-scrolling projection. Play this game online through our website and get the best experience.

About The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

A Link to the Past Online is one of the classic RPG games that will lead you on an epic adventure. Nintendo games and Zelda games are among the most classic games that were and still are played by millions of players around the world. Such games are very popular among players. There are a lot of different parts and versions that you may have played before. One of the most prominent of these games is A Link to the Past. The game was first published in 1991 by Nintendo.

Over time, the game became supported by different platforms and operating systems. Now you can enjoy playing online through your browser. The plot revolves around the mission to rescue the descendants of the Seven Sages and Hyrule. The hero of the story is Link, and his journey will be full of challenges, enemies, and villains. Your main task is to defeat the Ganon demons. So you will dash across platforms, corridors, castles, and dungeons to destroy your enemies.

Go from one dungeon to another, defeat bosses, and search for powerful armor and swords. Each dungeon contains a large chest, granting a piece of equipment that is usually necessary to complete the quest. Find Heart Pieces and other upgrades that will help you on this journey. Start the mission now and explore many adventures and challenges and enjoy your time.

How To Play?

A Link to the Past is a simple game that does not require a lot of skills or complex control options. The game includes smooth gameplay with a vision, clock, and control options familiar to all players. You can move in four directions freely. Use basic items to confront the bad guys. Use skills to swing your sword and block blows through the armor. Jump across castles and walls and eliminate your enemies everywhere. Pass more new levels of play that include more difficult missions.


  • Fun classic adventure game.
  • Explore castles and dungeons.
  • Powerful swords and armor.
  • Eliminate bosses and villains.
  • Navigate through the corridors and dungeons.
  • Different playing levels.
  • Complete the missions.
  • 2D graphics.
  • Easy control options.


Use the mouse and keyboard to play.

Gameplay Video