Achilles Unblocked

Achilles Unblocked is an epic side-scrolling battle game. Play the role of one of the ancient Greek knights and set out on your way to confront soldiers and other knights to eliminate them. Use swords, shields, and spears to kill your enemies and get the highest number of points.

Explore more difficult challenges and collect more reinforcements that will help you fight. Play normal mode or survival mode, both of which will bring you a lot of fun. This game includes wonderful cartoon graphics and very easy control options. Play the Achilles game online through our website and get the best experience.

About Achilles Game

Achilles Online is one of the classic action games that will bring you a lot of enthusiasm while playing. Fighting games are considered one of the most popular action games around the world, and such games are preferred by millions of players from everywhere. If you want to fight epic battles with smooth gameplay and wonderful classic graphics.

Then you can play Achilles. This game includes wonderful audio and visual effects with many immersive elements during gameplay. Explore new game levels every day. Don’t forget that the game gets more difficult the more you progress. Therefore, you will face more powerful knights and more bosses in every new challenge.

Use swords and spears to fight and use shields to repel your enemies’ attacks. Step into the shoes of the legendary warrior Achilles, as you fight your way through enemies and overcome challenges and fierce combat. There are 2 game modes you can choose from. Start the adventure now and kill all the soldiers on your way to victory.

How To Play Achilles Online?

This game includes a familiar user interface with side-scrolling for the best view. Achilles Game includes very easy control options. All you have to do is use the WASD keys to move. Plus some other main buttons that we will mention below.

Swing your sword to cut off the heads of your enemies and throw your spear to eliminate other knights. Do not stop progressing until you reach the end of the level, collect rewards, and move on to a new, more powerful challenge.


  • An epic and fun action game.
  • Play the role of a great warrior.
  • Powerful weapons.
  • New levels.
  • 2 game modes.
  • Great graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  • WASD keys to move.
  • T button to swipe.
  • Y button to kick.

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