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Clicker Heroes

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Clicker Heroes is a monster-fighting game of the original idle type. Use your heroes to confront monsters and destroy them, and explore an exciting adventure that contains hundreds of different places. Use your fingers to tap and kill bosses and go on a quest to become a powerful warrior. Also, use your fingers to play and hit every monster you see by pressing it repeatedly, then reap the golden rewards it left behind.

Hire different heroes to help you kill monsters faster. Explore the game’s great graphics with beautiful effects and simple controls. Also, set off in new lands and encounter new bosses and eliminate them. All you have to do is move your fingers and tap to collect points. Play through our website without downloading or ads, just click on the game and enjoy playing.

About Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes Online is a very entertaining and entertaining idle game for everyone who loves to have a good time. Clicker games and idle games are simple casual games that make you enjoy spending an enjoyable and entertaining time while playing. Enjoy relaxing, clicking, and exploring the beautiful graphics of a great game after a hard day’s work. Such games contain classic gameplay, great graphics, and gameplay that makes you addicted and feel excited. If you want to experience new idle games. Then try Clicker Heroes. Developed by Playsaurus. All you have to do to play is tap on the screen and the different monsters to multiply your reward and collect as many points as possible.

You will explore a lot of different lands in Clicker Heroes. And you will face dangerous bosses. Gather an army of heroes and warriors and lead them to achieve victory over the enemies. There are a lot of lands to play in, each area has new and exciting monsters to fight. Explore the jungle and advance to dry lands, mysterious locations, and diverse islands. Recruit different warriors and buy unique upgrades to improve the gameplay. Click on monsters and collect points, each click you make has one damage value that you can constantly upgrade for more power.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Clicker Heroes Online?

You don’t need a lot of skills or complicated control options to play Clicker Heroes. As the gameplay is one of the types of clicker games, which is entertaining and easy to control yourself at the time. All you have to do is click on the monsters that appear on the right of the screen. In each new level, you will discover new and more powerful monsters and will launch in diverse lands and environments. You can become a superhero or a powerful warrior. Must gain more strength to be ready to face different bosses. On Clicker Heroes, there are more than 1000 areas to explore.

In each zone, you will encounter more enemies and new monsters. The game depends on clicking on the screen in the location of the monster in order to collect as many points as possible. The cost of heroes increases gradually, but you get what you pay for with powerful power and upgrades. You can invite new heroes to play, each hero has its own DPS and more unique upgrades. Heroes allow you to kill crowds of enemies and take gold without lifting a finger. At the end of each area, there is a tough boss battle, the boss has extra health and do everything you can to win.


Click On Monsters To Destroy Them

Since you start playing, different monsters will gradually appear to you on the right of the screen. So you have to use your fingers to click on the monsters and destroy them and collect as many points as possible. Which you can use to buy new warriors or other more powerful heroes to fight in other difficult challenges. In addition to confronting bosses that have greater powers and require higher skill than you.

Use The Heroes And Warriors

In addition to your main task in destroying monsters and constantly clicking on each monster on the screen. Also, you can build your own team of superheroes and powerful warriors. Each hero will have their own unique attributes and special abilities which you will use in each different area. The cost of heroes increases gradually, but you get what you pay for in terms of power and upgrades.

Explore New Lands To Defeat Bosses

There are over 1000 different regions on Clicker Heroes. In each zone, there are different designs of places and monsters. Therefore, you can set out in the forests, prairies, deserts, and other places to confront your enemies. At the end of each challenge, you will face one of the most powerful bosses that require the strength of his blades to defeat him.


One of the best features of Clicker Heroes is the great graphics within the game. The game is designed in the style of idle games with a rich user interface and a lot of different elements to play. In addition to high-quality graphics and 2D and 3D effects. In addition to a variety of environments so that you never get tired of playing.


  • Gather a team of powerful warriors and heroes.
  • Click on monsters to destroy them.
  • Face the legendary bosses.
  • Explore 1000+ different regions.
  • Bought new upgrades.
  • Easy control.
  • High-quality graphics.