Bloons Tower Defense 2
Bloons Tower Defense 2
Bloons Tower Defense 2

Bloons Tower Defense 2

Bloons Tower Defense 2 Unblocked

Bloons Tower Defense 2 Unblocked is a very fun and interesting strategy game. Where you can use your tactics to align your defenses and organize your units to prevent the balloons from passing through. Build towers and castles and upgrade them. In addition to attacking towers of monkeys and balloons to prevent their progress.

The game contains many fun challenges and difficult missions. Your main task is to prevent the balloons from crossing. Accordingly, you will need to build more towers and fortify your defense. The game has amazing graphics and 3D designs. In addition to easy control options. Play Bloons Tower Defense 2 online now through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Bloons Tower Defense 2

Bloons Tower Defense 2 Online is one of the amazing tower defense games. Enjoy a new part of the famous BTD game series. All types of strategy games are among the most popular games among players and are favored by millions. As you enjoy leisure time building your forts and protecting them from the attacks of your enemies. The idea of each game of this type differs from the other. But if you have played one of the parts of this basket before, then Bloons TD 2 will be very familiar to you.

The game was developed by Ninja Kiwi, the same developer who developed the rest of the series. At the moment, the game is very popular among players around the world. Moreover, the game is available online for free so that you can enjoy playing through your browser. When you start playing, you can choose the level of the game from easy, normal, and hard.

If you have experience in the game and more skills in defending your castles. Then you can choose the hard game mode for more excitement. Prevent balloons from passing through and attacking enemy tower bases. Protect your defense, upgrade your towers, and buy more boosters. Bloons Tower Defense 2 has a rich gameplay that you can explore with many exciting challenges.

Bloons Tower Defense 2 Gameplay Video

How To Play Bloons TD 2 Online?

There is not much explanation on how to play Bloons Tower Defense 2. As the game is primarily a strategy game. This means that winning this game depends on your style and tactics that you apply in the battlefield. Start by placing dart monkeys on the path to blow up the balloons in front of the towers. You should know that the intensity of each wave increases as it progresses, so it must be more powerful.

Add more defensive units and upgrade your existing units to keep up with the size of the balloons advancing to you. Also, you can open more towers in Bloons Tower Defense 2 to get more powerful defensive units. The goal in this game is to prevent the balloons from reaching the exit in any way. Moreover, you can buy more upgrades in BTD 2 to boost your defense and strengthen your towers and castles. Start the exciting adventure now and explore the different levels of play.

Bloons Tower Defense 2 Advantages

Build Your Towers and Defences

When you start playing Bloons Tower Defense 2, you will build your defense and organize your units effectively in order to repel the balloon’s attack. Use your strategy to build strong castles. These castles will come out of the monkey archer to explode balloons. Not only that, but you can upgrade the towers and defenses to become stronger and more powerful.

Prevent The Balloons From Going Through

If you played any previous version of this series, you must know that your main task in the game is to prevent the balloons from passing through. Accordingly, use your special tactics in each battle in order to prevent the balloons from passing to the exit. In each mission, the difficulty of the challenge and the movement of the balloons will vary, allowing you to change your tactics.


One of the most important features of Bloons Tower Defense 2 is the comprehensive in-game promotions system. Where you can customize the monkey and buy more boosters to upgrade the towers. Also, you can upgrade your pusher and castles to become more solid. The game will bring you a lot of fun when you become strong enough to prevent the balloons from going through.

Graphics & Sound

One of the best features of BTD 2 is the great graphics of the game that are familiar to all players. Where the elements are designed in a stunning 3D style and beautiful colors. In addition to high-quality graphics, a rich screen, and fun visual and sound effects while playing. Also, enjoy a clean user interface and the same familiar control options.

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  • Build towers and castles.
  • Organize your defenses and fortresses.
  • Buy more upgrades.
  • Prevent the balloons from crossing.
  • Explore new challenges.
  • Choose the game mode.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Attractive effects.
  • Easy control.