Crazy Shooters 2 Unblocked
Crazy Shooters 2
Crazy Shooters 2 Unblocked

Crazy Shooters 2

Crazy Shooters 2 Unblocked

Crazy Shooters 2 Unblocked is an awesome action game. Lead your team into the battlefield and face other warriors from around the world. Shoot your enemies to destroy them. Use maneuvering and aiming skills to kill all other players.
There is an unparalleled powerful arsenal of weapons. Also, the game includes vast, customized maps and main game modes. This game includes intuitive graphics and epic gameplay. Start the campaign now and enjoy your time.

Introduce Crazy Shooters 2

Crazy Shooters 2 Online is one of the multiplayer shooting games. Enjoy epic firefights on vast maps across forests, deserts, and ancient buildings. Lead your team into your enemy base and use a variety of rifles and heavy weapons to destroy your enemies’ lines. Use your maneuvers and apply your style and strategy in every battle.

Moreover, challenge other players from around the world or kill against the AI. You have a series of challenges in front of you in each battle that must be completed and rewards obtained. Use upgrades to level up ability and skill. Crazy Shooters 2 was developed by FreezeNova in October 2018.

As well as the game is available in HTML 5 version and you can play online through your browser. Join your team and explore enemy locations. There are 11 detailed maps in various places to explore. Bloody battles will break out that require a lot of focus and skill. Start the campaign now and defeat all your opponents.

How To Play Crazy Shooters 2?

This game is considered a shooting role-playing game. Where you will play the role of a commander in one of the military battalions, and your small army will lead you into the fiercest multiplayer battles. Join 16 other players and face enemies from all over the world.

However, the game includes easy control options and familiar gameplay for all players. The game also includes two main game modes to switch between. Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons and rifles to become stronger with each new battle.

Crazy Shooters 2 Advantages


There are 11 custom maps that you can explore while playing. In each map, you will find different designs, new rules, and more powerful enemies. For example, play on islands, forests, deserts, parks, streets, and other places.


One of the most important features of the game is the upgradeable weapon system. The game includes a set of assault rifles and heavy weapons. For example, RPGs, bazookas, machine guns, rifles, snipers, bombs, missiles, and others.


Each mission changes based on the game instructions or game mode. But do not forget that each challenge is more difficult than the previous one. Therefore, use your strategy to manage skills and complete tasks to obtain rewards and use them to upgrade your army.


Graphics are one of the great features of this game. Although the design is somewhat intuitive. But enjoy 3D graphics and realistic audio and visual effects while playing. In addition to a user interface familiar to all players.


  1. Epic action battles.
  2. Shoot your enemies.
  3. Multiplayer mode.
  4. Lethal weapons.
  5. 11 maps.
  6. 16 players.
  7. Realistic effects.
  8. 3D graphics.


  • Arrow keys or W.A.S.D. to move.
  • Right mouse button to aim.
  • Left mouse button to shoot.
  • 1-9 key to change weapon
  • Space bar to jump.
  • Hold shift to run.
  • Tab to open the menu.
  • R to reload.

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