Duck Life 5 Unblocked

Duck Life 5

Duck Life 5 Unblocked

Duck Life 5 Unblocked is a highly immersive action game. Immerse yourself in a new journey full of adventures to train your duck and take on challenges and races against your competitors. Jump into the air, slide, swim, run as fast as you can, and learn new skills to practice. Collect power-ups and coins and use them to buy pets and fruits that help you complete the journey. This game includes an amazing world, 3D graphics, and attractive effects while playing.

About Duck Life 5: Treasure Hunt

Duck Life 5 Online is a new part of this wonderful Duck Journey series. But the matter is different from the previous parts and even the following parts of this game. After defeating the Fire Duck in the previous part, the volcano became dormant and the city returned to normal. Moreover, adventurers have returned to explore the volcano cave in the hope of reaching the treasure. But since you are one of them, will you allow this?

The challenge this time must be interesting and include many events and missions to complete. You remember that your duck has some unique skills and abilities that you must train him on. Because the races in this part are more intense and against strong competitors. Also, more rewards and power-ups have been enhanced that you will use to enhance your skills.

Not only that, but there are 25 different types of pets that you can interact with. There are 5 types of these animals that must be purchased using coins. So collect as much money as possible to buy pets. However, Duck Life: Treasure Hunt is supported by many platforms including Android, iOS, and HTML 5. So that you can enjoy playing online anytime and anywhere.

How To Play Duck Life 5?

If you are familiar with the rules of the game and the previous parts. Then Duck Life 5 will be much more familiar to you. Although the challenge is different this time, the main control options are the same control options known to the players. Which we will mention below in detail.

Duck Life 5 Advantages


The idea of the game is consistent throughout all parts, but the missions differ in each part from the other. So you are about to undertake new activities and exciting challenges. Which consists of running, flying, and swimming races. So that you can reach the treasure at the end of the journey.


Enjoy more than 25 wonderful characters while playing. Most of these characters are pets, such as a dog, a rabbit, a cat, a pig, a whale, a chicken, a squirrel, a monkey, and others. In addition to 5 additional characters to purchase.


At the end of each level, you will get coins and rewards that you can use to purchase from the store. Not only that but get more power-ups like King Kong, Fire Bird, Golem, and Wind Rider.


One of the best features of Duck Life 5 is the amazing graphic design that all players love. Not to mention the new places and wonderful landscapes while playing. Plus 3D graphics and wonderful audio and visual effects during the races.


  • Immersive action game.
  • Unparalleled challenges.
  • Complete the missions.
  • 25 pets.
  • Power-ups.
  • Great characters.
  • New places.
  • 3D graphics.


Every race has a specific style of running it. However, use WASD or arrow keys to run, jump, and fly separately.

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