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Electric Man
Electric Man

Electric Man

Electric Man Unblocked

Electric Man Unblocked is a very fun and entertaining fighting flash game. Enjoy the famous Stickman character in one of the most exciting flash and action games. Create your own character before the start of the challenge and go on your way to confront opponents. Use character skills such as kicking, smashing, and hitting to cause maximum damage to your enemies. The difficulty of each mission will change based on the level of the game.

Also, the strength of your opponents will gradually increase, which will result in improving your skills and using new tactics in combat. Explore diverse locations and new battlefields with attractive visual and sound effects. In addition to beautiful cartoon graphics and wonderful design of the characters. Plus, intuitive and easy control options, and a rich and fun game. Play Electric Man online for free now through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Electric Man

Electric Man Online is one of the great action and fighting games whose hero is the stickman. For all the classic fighting game lovers, you can enjoy playing this game and having a good time. Although fighting games are constantly evolving and there are currently playing games with stunning graphics and high-tech designs. But there are still many players who prefer classic fighting games, especially those that contain stickmen. The game includes simple graphics and rich and fun challenges, which makes it a favorite of millions of players around the world. Electric Man is developed by Damien Clarke, at the moment the game is available on our website and you can enjoy playing it without downloading with the best experience.

When you start playing, you can define character traits and create your own stickman. In addition to training your skills and choosing the appropriate game mode through 3 different levels. Once you have chosen your character, you can then complete a tutorial that will show you the basic game mechanics and movements. Or you can play directly if you are familiar with this game before. You will face powerful enemies and you will explore many different places while playing. Electric Man includes attractive visual and sound effects during combat. Moreover, use the classic controls and gradually improve your skills after each new challenge. Start the adventure now and enjoy the game.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Electric Man Online?

Once you start playing Electric Man, you will create your own Stickman character in the game. Customize your character and train with different skills and tactics that you will use when starting the move. After that, Electric Man includes 3 different sims to play, which is easy, normal, and pro. Based on your playing experience, you can select the level. Then you will launch across the different platforms and places to destroy your enemies. Use QWEASD keys to control the movement of the character, in addition to some other keys to perform tricks, jumps, acrobatic movements, and others.

You have to fight against a group of opponents using a variety of different punch and kick combinations. During each fight, you will face a group of different enemies and you must use your combos to inflict maximum damage and defeat all enemies. You will feel the excitement while playing it and you will enjoy the classic atmosphere of fighting games. Also, you will explore different game environments in the desert, warehouses, forests, beaches, and more. Start fighting now and destroy everything in your path.

Electric Man Advantages

Create Your Own Stickman Character

The first thing you will do when you play Electric Man or pot your character in the game. You can choose customization items to personalize the build of the stickman character that you will control during the gameplay. When you finish creating the character, you can start fighting and determine the level of play.

3 Different Game Levels

There are different levels of play within Electric Man that suit all players, such as easy, normal, and professional. If you are playing the game for the first time, you can choose the easy level. Gradually you can gain more skills and tricks and set the level as normal. But if you are a professional player and you see that you are able to take on the challenge at the most difficult level. Then you can select the Pro level.

Explore Different Locations

There are a lot of different places and environments in which you will play. For example, play in the desert sands, forests, the basin, the mansab, the islands, and other safe areas so that you do not feel bored while playing.


One of the best features of the game is the great classic graphics within Electric Man. In addition to an amazing cartoon design for characters and gameplay. The game includes great sound effects during the fight, how different the design of the battlefields is in each new challenge.


  • E: Slow Motion Grab Moves
  • D: Grab Moves
  • A: Punch Moves
  • W: Slow kick move
  • Q: Slow Motion Punch
  • S: Kick Moves
  • Left Arrow: Run Left
  • Down Arrow: Dodge
  • Right Arrow: Run Right


  • Fun classic fight.
  • A diverse complex of combat skills.
  • Create your character, enter the game.
  • Learn new skills and tricks.
  • Destroy your enemies on your way.
  • 3 different game levels.
  • Easy control.
  • Beautiful graphics.