Gangsters Unblocked
Gangsters Unblocked


Gangsters Unblocked

Gangsters Unblocked is a very fun 2-player action game. Enjoy gang battles with your trio and immerse yourself in a very exciting physics game. Use rifles and machine guns to shoot other gangs across platforms. Jump, dodge blows, and defeat the opposing team in each challenge. This game includes classic graphics, stunning effects, and easy control options. Start playing online through our website and get the best experience.

About Gangsters Game

Gangsters Online is one of the multiplayer shooting games that will bring you a lot of fun. Shooting games are considered one of the most preferred games by players everywhere around the world. As you immerse yourself in a real challenge and use your style and skills in maneuvering and aiming. If you like online shooting games.

Then Gangsters Game will be much familiar to you. The game was published by Mariano Maffia in December 2018. Now the game is available through the browser and you can enjoy playing online easily. When the battle begins, you will be in a team of 3 characters. Your main task is to shoot the opponent team, deal damage and defeat them.

At the same time, avoid obstacles, cranes, and iron bars. This game includes 2 main game modes. Play against artificial intelligence and gain experience and skills. Or you can play against your friend from the same device in an exciting and fun challenge. Start this adventure now and defeat your friend.

How To Play?

This type of game is very simple and entertaining. Gangsters include very easy control options. All you have to do is use the W key to move your trio forward. Use the A key to raise your members’ arms to fire from. This is in case you are playing in single-player mode. But if you are playing 2-player mode. Then each player can use two control keys, as we will explain to you below.


  • A very fun shooting game.
  • Play with a friend.
  • 2 game modes.
  • Powerful weapons.
  • Physics gameplay.
  • Classic graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  • Player 1: W to jump.
  • Player 2: I to jump.
  • Player 1: E to use the weapon.
  • Player 2: O to use the weapon.

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