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Hero Wars

Hero Wars Unblocked

Hero Wars Unblocked is a very epic and exciting action game. Get ready for an immersive challenge and endless missions to confront dark forces and evil people. Immerse yourself in a battle against the Archdemon and his evil army, defeat demons, and complete quests to obtain more equipment and rewards. Free your Commander from prison and unlock skills, loot items, and power up your hero.

Fight waves of enemies in idle adventure battles to earn experience points and level up. There are many quests, campaigns, and puzzles waiting for you. Also, the game includes 8 different game modes. In addition to HD graphics, smooth gameplay, and intuitive control options. Play Hero Wars online through our website and get the best experience.

About Hero Wars

Hero Wars Online is an amazing RPG game that will bring you a lot of fun and excitement while playing. The story revolves around one of the heroes who is in the grip of an evil organization. There was a land called the Dominion that was known for its prosperity and peace. But nothing lasts forever! Where the cruel hordes of the Archdemon invaded this land and turned it into ruin, destroying all progress and prosperity. Therefore, there had to be a leader and a hero who would restore these days and return the world to normal.

If you want to live this adventure and undertake this mission. Then play Hero Wars. It was published and developed by Nexters Global in October 2016. Since then, the game has been admired by millions and has become obsolete on many platforms. As well as enjoy playing online through your browser. There are 13 different chapters with lots of events, challenges, and stories.

Your main task is to fight evil, kill enemies, steal spoils, enhance strength, and upgrade the hero. In addition to engaging in more than 190 different missions. There are 50 heroes with unique skills to use. Also, you will explore new lands, face legions and leaders, and lead your army to destroy the darkness and restore everything as it was in the past. If you are ready for this mission, start playing now and enjoy this adventure.

How To Play Hero Wars Online?

Role-playing games are considered free games that are not limited to leaders or a specific playing style. Where you can unleash your ideas and apply your style and strategy while playing. However, Hero Wars includes puzzle elements as well. Therefore, you will enjoy many diverse challenges in an exciting adventure and endless events.

Make your way through the levels, confront hordes and demons, and eliminate bosses. Also collect bonuses, power-ups, armor, powerful swords, and other equipment. Whenever you finish a challenge, you will find yourself in a new, more difficult challenge. So free the hero and start this campaign and explore many different missions.

Hero Wars Advantages

Complete The Missions

When you start the game you will free the main character from the restrictions. After that, you will move through the towers to destroy your enemies. Get help from allies to complete more than 190 different missions in campaign mode. Use your tactics in battles, solve puzzles, and don’t forget to collect reinforcements.

Game Modes

Hero Wars includes 8 main game modes so you will never get bored of playing. For example, play Grand Arena, Campaign, City Gate, Arena, Tower, Outland, Airship, PVP, and other game modes.


There are more than 50 heroes within the game that you can unlock. Accordingly, you will find many different skills that you can apply in battles. In addition to taking advantage of the hero’s characteristics to solve puzzles and overcome difficult situations.


One of the best features of Hero Wars is the upgrade system that allows you to customize many elements of the game. Besides, upgrade the statistics of the tank, warrior, archer, support, control, magician, healer, and others. In addition to upgrading the hero with new skills to face giant monsters and bosses.


One of the best features of the game is the amazing graphics design within the gameplay. Hero Wars includes 3D designs, high-quality graphics, and other attractive audio and visual effects.


  • Complete 190 different missions.
  • 13 items including various events.
  • 50 heroes with special skills.
  • 8 main game modes.
  • Additional rewards.
  • Upgrades.
  • HD graphics.
  • Easy control options.


Use the mouse and keyboard to play.

Gameplay Video