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Stick RPG

Stick RPG Unblocked Free

Stick RPG Unblocked is one of the simple arcade games that will make you spend a fun and entertaining time playing it. You will control the famous Stickman character for whom there are many different game versions. Explore the city and the different streets and interact with everything around you. Ride a bike, skate, or run on your feet. Get a job, earn money, and train hard to improve your skills.

Moreover, buy different items, upgrades, and food, or create your own business. The game has simple graphics and beautiful cartoon effects. In addition to very easy control options. There are many great features that you will discover when you start playing. Click on “Start Now” and enjoy playing through our website for free.

About Stick RPG

Stick RPG Online is a great adventure game for the famous Stickman character. Enjoy an entertaining and immersive Play Game to do many different activities. This game is an arcade type and contains elements of adventure and casual. These games are considered one of the most entertaining games that are loved by many players from around the world. Not to mention the Stickman series, which includes many amazing legendary games. The game is developed by XGen Studios. Now it is available with many versions for different operating systems.

The game revolves around a stick man who has fallen into a big city, you will explore the city freely and run between buildings, streets, and squares. Also, you will face many obstacles, traffic jams, and speeding cars. Moreover, buy things at the pawn shop, use your hard-earned money at the casino, or even buy your favorite food. This game has great playability, and you can do whatever you want and make your own decisions. Interact with other characters and the environment around you. Collect money and create a project and your own business. Explore new environments and places to play and let your imagination run wild.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Stick RPG Online?

There are no complications to starting playing Stick RPG. Where the game contains very attractive and entertaining gameplay. You can control the Stickman character with just a few keys. At the beginning of the game, you will find yourself in the middle of a huge city that contains many facilities and streets. Go free and explore all around you. Interact with everything and build new relationships. Go to parks and cafes. Also, go to the casino and earn money so that you can create your own casino.

There are a lot of different activities that you can do on Stick RPG. Go shopping at the pawnshop or buy fast food. Drive vehicles and sleds and go exploring the city streets. Avoid obstacles and situations and gain experience. Do whatever is on your mind freely. The game includes easy control options, great cartoon graphics, and a wide view from top to bottom, in order to enjoy the best experience.


Explore The City Freely

You can embark on an endless journey to explore a large city that includes many different streets, facilities, and buildings. Interact with everything around you, build new relationships, and find friends. Go to the shops to shop and go to the casino to collect money. You can also buy your favorite food from fast food restaurants and other various activities.

Earn Money To Improve Your Life

There are a lot of businesses where you can start to raise money and spend it on the things you love. For example, create your own casino and attract people from all over the city. Use your earned money to enhance your wealth. Also, consider going to school in order to increase your intelligence to thrive in life.


The graphics inside this game are among the simple things that make this game great entertainment. Where the stick man is designed in a unique and funny way. In addition to beautiful graphics, 2D effects, and an amazing cartoon design for the gameplay. In addition to smooth control and a user interface without ads, in order to enjoy the best experience.


  • Do whatever is on your mind.
  • Explore the huge city streets.
  • Interact with the environment around you.
  • Earn more money.
  • Shop and buy food.
  • Enjoy beautiful graphics.
  • Smooth control.