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My Friend Pedro
My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro Unblocked

My Friend Pedro Unblocked is a very interesting and fun adventure game. Where you can explore platforms and floors, fight against your enemies, and achieve mission objectives in each level. Use different Shikha skills, such as jumping, running, somersaults, and rolling, to reach your enemies. Enjoy an exciting ballistic gym, a fun parkour type of game. The game will lead you to an interesting plot and amazing storytelling style while playing.

In addition, you can control the character’s movement, game effects, and use slow-motion photography. There are more weapons and items that you will use to destroy your opponents. Avoid bullets, collect rewards and bananas, and get the highest points. This game includes high-quality graphics and a great design for the gameplay and game events. Play My Friend Pedro now and enjoy this adventure.

About My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro Online is one of the amazing platform games that will lead you to one of the most fun action games. Also, events of this game revolve around an interesting story and an amazing dramatic plot. This game begins with the silent, masked protagonist who has no name waking up in one of the butcher shops in the city. The owner of this shop is called Mitch, and he will provide you with the weapons and tools you will need for every mission. You will receive instructions from the character Pedro, who is a floating banana and the main character in the game.

The events of gameplay take place in an area called Noul. This region is ruled by a group of villains led by Ophelia. Therefore, the protagonist must deal with these villains. Dash across platforms, sewers, tunnels, and houses. Use your character’s skills to destroy all your enemies. My Friend Pedro includes an amazing dynamic style during the movements in the game. Not only that, but when you perform a somersault or slow motion, you will get more points.

Besides, shoot boxes and items around you to get more reinforcements and weapons. In addition to interacting with the environment around you at every level. My Friend Pedro was developed by DeadToast Entertainment in 2014. Currently, the game is available online and you can enjoy playing through your browser. Start this adventure now and explore the different areas, defeat your enemies in every mission, and collect bananas and the highest points.

Gameplay Video

How To Play My Friend Pedro Online?

People cannot say that My Friend Pedro is an easy game. However, you will not need a lot of time to master all the control options in the game and create your own style. Because the game includes control options that are easy and familiar to everyone. Use WASD keys to move in all directions. In addition to some basic and simple buttons through which you can shoot, perform moves, rolls, and more.

There are many places that you will explore while playing. The game includes 37 different levels that include many challenges and events. Also, the game will take you to an epic world and will bring you a lot of fun and enthusiasm while playing.

As we mentioned above, you can interact with everything around you. Therefore, you can use motorcycles, skateboards, or walk. Not only that, but choose your skills in Blood Rush mode and get more bananas and coins. If you are ready for this exciting adventure, start playing now and discover more of the wonderful features in this game.


A Very Fun Parkour-Style Game

Enjoy one of the best action games in the parkour genre, and get ready to go on an exciting adventure and explore many diverse events and missions. Use the character’s skills to perform various movements, shoot your opponents, and collect the highest points. Interact with the environment around you, collect weapons and reinforcements, and explore new places.

Epic Battles Against Bad Guys

This game includes an immersive plot and a wonderful story that will be told gradually as you play. There are many characters that will help you in each level. Also, you will pass through many events that require the performance of special skills. Shoot your opponents between floors, in sewers and tunnels, and explore the different levels of the game.

Interact With Everything Around You

You can benefit from different chests, items, and weapons while playing. Therefore, interact with the characters and items around you and use anything that can benefit you on this journey. Not only that, but you can get more boosts that can double your rewards and scores.

Graphics & Sound

Without any exaggeration, you will live an exceptional experience when you play My Friend Pedro. The game includes HD graphics and high-quality 3D designs. In addition to audio and visual effects and slow motions that you can control. Plus, easy and simple control options that you can master in a short time.


  • Epic battles on platforms.
  • Fun parkaro style.
  • Shoot the bad guys.
  • 37 different playing levels.
  • Explore new places.
  • Interact with characters and items.
  • Collect the highest points and bananas.
  • HD graphics.
  • 3D designs.
  • Slow-motion scenes.
  • Easy control options.