Scary Maze
Scary Maze
Scary Maze

Scary Maze

Scary Maze Game Unblocked

Scary Maze Unblocked is a unique puzzle game that includes classic gameplay and an exciting challenge. Where you can explore one of the mazes and try to get out of it, but with caution and without touching the edges. It’s very simple, but as you progress, you will explore more and more difficult game levels. You must be quieter in order to be able to pass through the maze and win. The game has simple graphics and smooth gameplay. Plus smooth control and simple user interface. As well as play online through our platform and enjoy your experience.

About Scary Maze Game

Scary Maze Online is a great casual game that you can play anytime. Classic puzzle games are considered one of the best intelligence games that are preferred by many players from around the world. At the same time, it includes simple gameplay that does not require a lot of skills. Moreover, you will enhance your mental abilities and wit. In addition to getting rid of negative energy and daily pressures. One of the most puzzle games that you will love to try, which contains elements of arcade and adventure. Although Scary Maze includes a very simple gameplay.

But you will enjoy playing and you will explore new and more difficult levels every day. May think that the game is terrifying and includes scary creatures or the like when you read the name of the game. But it depends on the wicker of the maze. Because you will be in a closed platform and a complex maze, and you will search for a way out and escape. At the same time, you will enjoy sound effects and a soundtrack appropriate to the atmosphere of the game. Get ready for this adventure and use your skills to escape from the maze.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Scary Maze Online?

Gameplay inside Scary Maze does not need much explanation. As the way to control the little ball is very simple. In addition to the idea of a game familiar to all players. When you start playing, you will find yourself in a complex and closed maze. So you will move the ball carefully, taking into account not touching the edges of the maze.

Find the exit that will lead you to a new level with a new design. In each new level, you will explore a more difficult puzzle and a more complex maze. It depends on how focused you are on moving the ball. So be careful not to hit the wall. Scary Maze game contains interesting soundtracks, so we recommend turning on the volume for the best experience.


  • Explore the spooky maze.
  • Avoid touching the edges to win.
  • Find the exit.
  • Various levels of play.
  • Exciting conceptual music.
  • Classic Gameplay.
  • Simple control.