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Star Stable Unblocked

Star Stable Unblocked is a wonderful and very fun adventure game. Where you can explore the world of magic and beauty, ride and drive horses to explore the wonderful islands and villages. In addition to performing many tasks and interacting with the environment around you. There are a lot of wonderful events within this game.

Moreover, a lot of interesting characters and exciting puzzles are waiting for you in the amazing world of Jorvik. Enjoy high-quality graphics, 3D designs, and wide, multi-angle views. In addition to easy instructions and very intuitive control options. Play Star Stable online through our website and enjoy the best training while playing.

Gameplay Video

About Star Stable Game

Star Stable Online is a great open-world fantasy game. Get ready for a new adventure in the wonderful world of magic and imagination and explore landscapes, forests, wild areas, villages and other amazing places. Such games make you live an exceptional experience while playing. In addition to engaging in adventure and epic challenges. In addition, there are types of these games that are considered among the most popular games on different operating platforms.

One of the best of these games is Star Stable. Which was developed in 2012 by Star Stable Entertainment AB. Not only that, but at the present time the game is available online and you can enjoy playing with your friends easily. On one of the islands called Jorvik, you will lead your horse to explore the city, carry out missions, and travel to new places. Use your skills to tame the imagination and enjoy more than 50 different breeds of horses.

Also, interact with the other heroes of the story like Anne, Lisa, Linda Alex, and others. Besides, create an avatar for your player within the game easily. In addition to choosing clothes, accessories, harnesses, leg wraps, blankets, saddlebags, bows and other accessories. Ride your horse and explore the surrounding areas. Also, try to carry out missions and challenges to obtain rewards and money. Start this exciting adventure now and enjoy playing.

Star Stable Advantages

Explore The World Of Magic And Fantasy

You are about to play one of the best open-world games. Which will lead you to an exciting and interesting adventure. In order to enjoy exploring the picturesque landscapes and remote places, driving your horse to explore the village, interacting with the environment around you, performing tasks, and other wonderful activities.

Play With Your Friends

There are many other different characters within the game. In addition to your friends from other players who you can play with. For example, you can play with the Soul Riders brothers, Anne, Lisa, Linda, and Alex characters. As well as create friendships to help you carry out difficult tasks and pass through different events and situations.


One of the best features of Star Stable is that the game includes an amazing customization system. Where you can create your character in the game and choose an avatar. In addition to choosing fashion, accessories. Not only that, but there are more than 50 different types of riders that you can easily drive in different challenges.

Graphics & Sound

Star Stable has a fun conversational text style while narrating the game’s events. In addition to some instructions that will help you understand each task. The game includes high-quality graphics, 3D designs, and amazing visual effects while playing. Plus familiar control options for all players.


  • An amazing adventure in an open world.
  • Enjoy the beautiful and charming views around you.
  • Explore new places and villages.
  • Interact with the environment around you.
  • Play with your friends.
  • Build your character in the game.
  • 50 different breeds of horses.
  • Amazing graphics.
  • Great soundtrack.
  • Easy control options.