Star Trek Online Unblocked

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is a very cool MMORPG game. Immerse yourself in an exciting space adventure and lead your own fleet of spaceships. Explore an amazing world, complete missions, and enjoy many wonderful challenges. Fought against the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic. Enjoy many realistic details and adorable characters from the famous TV show. This game includes 3D graphics and an amazing world to explore.

About Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is one of the adventure games that will bring you a lot of fun. Mythical worlds and games adapted from cinematic works are among the most interesting challenges that you love to experience. Such games include elements of adventure and strategy and an open world that you will never tire of exploring. Also epic battles between the forces of evil and the heroes of the game, and many other activities and events.

This is what makes RPG games among the most popular games on Android, PC, and Apple. As you are about to live a new amazing journey in the world of Star Trek. Unleash your imagination and lead your team to explore countless missions in space. Build your own fleet of spaceships and navigate to planets to explore and complete missions.

At each level, you can search for new options to develop your skills, raise the level of characters, and obtain stronger weapons. There are some criminal organizations that will send their followers to you in an attempt to eliminate your dreams. So you are about to indulge in a lot of dangers and fierce battles.

Use your tactics, apply your own style, and summon more heroes to fight. Not only that, but you will explore new and strange planets and places that no one has ever been to before. Simply immersive gameplay and the ability to control iconic Starfleet ships will keep you addicted to playing every day.

Get ready to have many hours of fun while playing. Star Trek was developed by Cryptic Studios in 2010. Although the game was only available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows. But now the version is available online and is supported by HTML5, so you can enjoy playing through your browser.

How To Play?

As we are accustomed to the fact that such immersive games do not include rules or instructions. It is up to you to manage the battles and complete the challenges in your own style. The options are very easy to check. Where you will use the mouse to play and interact. Change your tactics in every battle. Apply new strategies to conquer space. Explore the farthest planets and create your own fantasy world.


  • Amazing fantasy game.
  • Familiar characters.
  • Gameplay is legendary.
  • Amazing world.
  • New planets.
  • Upgrades.
  • Powerful weapons.
  • 3D graphics.


Use the mouse to play.