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Stick Merge

Stick Merge Unblocked

Stick Merge Unblocked is a fun and epic shooting game. Where you can shoot opponents in front of you using a variety of pistols and rifles. Enjoy stick-figure animation elements and fun shooting gameplay. At the end of each mission, you can get rewards and currencies to buy more weapons and unlock new rifles.

At the end of each battle, you will face the leader, who is faster and stronger. You must be accurate in aiming and quick in reaction. This game includes 3D graphics, stunning design, and easy control options. Play Stick Merge online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Stick Merge

Stick Merge Online is one of the action and cross-platform shooting games that will lead you to epic and fun stickman battles. There is no doubt that shooting games are a special pleasure to play, especially when they include creative gameplay or a unique idea. Also, the famous Stickman characters give a unique impression to any game you are in. Accordingly, Stick Merge will bring you a lot of fun and excitement while playing.

The game was developed by TinyDobbins, after which the game became available using HTML 5 technology so that you can enjoy playing online easily. When you start playing, you can choose your weapon and start the mission. The first missions will be easy so that you can get to know the aspects of the game smoothly. Also, you will get some rewards to buy more weapons. Not only that, but you can mix more than one gun to get a new, more powerful weapon.

For example, mix pistols, rifles, machine guns, etc. Gradually the game will become more difficult as players pass the stages because the monsters are faster and smarter. Pass your aim across buildings and windows and try to hit as much of the stick man as possible to get more coins. Explore more difficult levels of play, eliminate all opponents, and master playing skills.

How To Play Stick Merge Online?

Shooting and action games do not need a lot of complex control options. But such games require some concentration and speed in decision-making and reaction. Therefore, you will enjoy smooth gameplay in Stick Merge and control options that are familiar to everyone. Control shooting with the mouse if you are playing on the desktop. Use the touch screen to shoot if you are playing on mobile.

When you start playing, you will aim the gun at the Stickman characters hiding between platforms and windows. Eliminate all opponents to move to the next level and obtain more reinforcements and weapons. There are more guns you can unlock. In addition to the ability to mix weapons to obtain a new, more powerful, and efficient weapon. Enjoy wonderful graphics, epic gameplay, and fierce battles while playing.


  • Very fun shooting game.
  • Aim at the stickman characters.
  • Defeat monsters and opponents.
  • Unlock new guns.
  • Mix weapons.
  • Complete the missions and get coins.
  • Enjoy great graphics.
  • 3D design.
  • Attractive effects.
  • Easy control options.

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