Storm the House
Storm the House
Storm the House

Storm the House

Storm the House Unblocked

Storm the House Unblocked is a fun and classic shooting game. Where you can shoot an army of stickmen in the desert. In addition to strengthening your defense and building your fortresses to become more powerful. You must defend your castle from invaders and click on enemies to shoot and destroy them.

Also, buy new upgrades and use new types of weapons, missiles, and bombs to blow up your enemies. This game contains a gameplay similar to the old and fun flash games that many people love. In addition to simple graphics, wonderful effects, and intuitive control options. Play Storm the House online through our platform and enjoy the best experience.

About Storm the House

Storm the House Online is one of the classic and very fun action games. There are many people who are always looking for old flash games that many generations have been raised on. Although there are shooting games at the present time with higher technologies and more advanced quality. But there are still millions of players who prefer these classic games. Where you can enjoy your time and control the gameplay through easy control options.

In addition to dozens of different game levels and interesting adventures in different places. One of the most prominent of these games is Storm the House. The game was developed by Ivory Drive, and the game is available in HTML 5 format for you to enjoy playing online. Moreover, this game is supported by many different operating platforms.

Get ready to secure your kingdom from Stickman and muster your strength to shoot your enemies everywhere. Not only that, but you can build fences, put barbed wire, and make the fences stronger. In addition to using explosives and bombs to destroy all opponents. But you should know that your enemies will gradually increase in strength and they may shoot at you as well. So get ready for an exciting adventure and epic battles when you start playing.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Storm the House Online?

There is nothing difficult on Storm the House. There are instructions that appear on the screen to know the status of ammunition, health, number of soldiers, and other statistics. In addition to easy control options on all platforms. All you have to do is tap on the stickman characters to shoot them.

Sometimes it takes greater speed and quick decision-making in order to destroy all invaders. So you can use your tactics in every battle and get the highest points. Also use rewards to buy new upgrades, strengthen your defense, and build more forts to make penetrating walls more difficult. Play Storm the House now and eliminate all the Stickman that come to you.


Shoot Stickman Army

Your main task in Vibok is to prevent invaders from reaching your fortress. The armies of the invaders are made up of stickman-shaped infantry squads. Therefore, open fire and eliminate all your enemies, and do not give them a chance to approach you. Must be faster and more adept at shooting, reloading ammunition, using bombs, and other tasks.

Upgrade Your Defenses

Another important feature that you can use is the in-game promotions system. At the end of each mission, you can use money and currencies to purchase more upgrades and items that can help you become an impenetrable fortress.


One of the most important features of Storm the House is the game’s amazing graphics. Although the game’s graphics are in a classic style and are familiar to many players. But you will enjoy characters designed in a fun cartoon style and wonderful effects while playing.


  • Shoot your enemies.
  • Prevent invaders from approaching your fortress.
  • Upgrade your defenses.
  • Use machine guns and bombs.
  • Different playing levels.
  • Great graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  • Left-click = aim and shoot.
  • Space = reload.