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Stick War

Stick War Unblocked Free

Stick War Legacy Unblocked is a fun strategy game and is considered one of the most popular stickman games out there. Where you can establish your own army and supply it with weapons and various resources, build your city, and protect it from your enemies. Attack enemy lands, expand your kingdom, and control more neighboring areas. Lead soldiers, archers, and warriors into epic battles against your opponents. There are 4 different army classes that you can choose from in each battle.

Also, unlock more skins and new items at the end of each level to develop your army and upgrade abilities and strength. Build your own statue and protect it, and try to destroy the enemy statue to gain ground. Enjoy amazing cartoon graphics inside the game. Explore new territories with great graphics. The game includes easy and familiar control options for everyone. Play through your browser online for free without having to download the game.

About Stick War: Legacy

Stick War Online is one of the amazing stick man games which has huge popularity among players around the world. You may have tried stick man games before and it’s time to try one of the most famous games of this wonderful series. The game was developed by Jason Whitham and Brock White in 2009. Shortly after the release of this game, it won many praises and admiration from many users. Now it is being played by hundreds of millions of players around the world. This game is available on different operating systems such as Android, iOS, and PC.

Also, the game revolves around leading the stick army to seize the neighboring lands and fight against your opponents using a variety of weapons to build your own kingdom. Gather the surrounding lands under your banner and organize your units to control the resources of other lands. Rule the entire continent, divide your army, and appoint the strongest commanders. Players will get an area full of resources for mining and a vital statue, control these resources and protect your statue from enemy attacks.

You can fully customize your army in Stick War Multiplaery, change skins and upgrade soldiers. Players will try to increase their strength by unlocking many different types of troops, including archers, commanders, soldiers, and more. One of the best features of Stick War is the wonderful and beautiful graphics inside the Game Play, which are similar to classic strategy games. With creative design of characters, game effects, and control options. Get ready for this adventure through a browser and enjoy playing online for free.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Stick War Online?

It will probably be very familiar to you if you have played one of the stick man games before. But to simplify it for you, Stick War Online includes very easy and intuitive control options. You can choose a particular class out of 4 classes in your army to start the battle. For example, choose from commander, archer, soldier, and warrior. After that, you can divide your forces and units and use your tactics to attack the bases and lands of your enemy to control them.

At the beginning of the game, you will get some resources for mining and gold mines. The first action you have to do is to control the gold digger and move it to the gold resource area, and you will also control its actions from moving to ore mining until reaching a sufficient level. Then the miner will switch to automatic mining, and you will begin to control your army.

Not only that, but upgrade your units, change skins, and upgrade abilities. Players will try to increase their power by unlocking many different types of troops. Also, you will need to spend some time preparing resources to build a stronger army. Get ready for adventure and use the strategy of creating the kingdom, gaining many resources, and attacking the enemy to expand your empire.


Create A Strong Army To Attack The Enemy

When you start playing Stick War, you will be the leader of the Stick Army. So use your strategy to control resources, mining, and your gold catalyst which will create your troops automatically. Choose from 4 different army classes. Then lead your units to enemy areas to attack them and destroy bases and statues. Stick War contains 4 different classes, such as:

  • Magikill – the way of the mage
  • Archidonis – the way of the archer
  • Swordwrath – the way of the sword
  • Speartons – the way of the spear

Captured The Neighboring Lands

There are some resources that can contribute to strengthening an army that is not present in your lands. Therefore, you will advance to develop your kingdom, control the surrounding lands, and obtain more resources and weapons. Sometimes you will need to spend time preparing resources to build a stronger army in order to be ready to attack more powerful armies.

Develop Your Entire Army

This game has a comprehensive customization system that allows you to upgrade your troops, units, and all the army including archers, warriors, soldiers, and commanders. Moreover, use rewards and prizes at the end of each level to buy more skins, easily customize many items and weapons, and make your army invincible.


One of the most amazing features of Stick War Legacy is the graphics. The graphics are designed in a creative way with stick figures and an amazing cartoon design. In addition to attractive visual and sound effects, and familiar control options for everyone. Also, the places and the environment differ in each new level within the game, so that you do not get tired of playing.


  • Build your own army of stickmen.
  • Create your own kingdom and protect it.
  • Use resources and weapons to strengthen your army.
  • Attack the surrounding lands to expand your empire.
  • Use your strategy in battles.
  • 4 different army classes.
  • Great graphics.
  • Easy control.