Territory War
Territory War
Territory War

Territory War

Territory War Unblocked

Territory War Unblocked is a very interesting and fun shooting game. Where you can lead your army of famous stickman characters and move to the locations of your enemies. Then use a variety of weapons to aim at your opponents and destroy them. At the same time, you must avoid damage and use your tactics to avoid hits.

Jump across platforms, surprise your enemies, and use tricks to destroy all other armies. You will explore many different maps with different designs. Also, use the customization options to personalize the game and change your team information. This game includes simple cartoon graphics and cool effects. Play Territory War online for free now and enjoy the adventure.

About Territory War

Territory War Online is a great stickman game that will lead you into epic multiplayer battles. For all the fans of stickman games, you are now about to indulge in a fun game with dynamic movements and great physics while playing. Do you remember flash games and fun classic shooting games? You will prepare for these splendid times when you play Territory War. The game includes an interesting play game that contains different game elements that will make you enjoy your time. The game was developed by Shawn Tanner in 2006.

After all these years, the game is still very popular with players and is favored by millions. Play online for free through your browser with support for some different operating platforms. When you start playing, you can select the game mode through 3 main game modes. After that, you have to name each member of your team and start the battle. Jump, run, and dash across lanes and platforms to destroy your enemies and dodge hits. This game will bring you a lot of enthusiasm and fun while playing it.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Territory War Online?

When you start playing Territory War, you can locate your enemy and move towards them to shoot and destroy them. The game contains great dynamic movements and a very fun and physics-based game. You will be immersed in turn-based battles against amazing stickman characters. Before starting the game, you can create your own team, customize it, and choose a name for each member. Must control each member of your team individually and take them to their positions in battle.

There is a variety of weapons and guns that you can use to shoot your opponents accurately. Moreover, you should be careful of your gunshots because they may kill one of your team members with friendly fire. Territory War has 3 game modes, campaign mode, battle mode, and challenge mode. Choose the appropriate position before starting the battle. You can play a custom battle against a computer or a friend 1v1. Use the 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys to move and action. The more balls you have and the faster they are, the more advantages you can use in each battle.


Fun Stickman Fights

You are now ready to experience a new adventure of amazing stickman battles on Territory War. Where you can create a team of characters and customize them and use a variety of weapons to destroy your opponents. Explore many cabins that are designed in a unique way. Your main task is to shoot your opponents and avoid damage to win each mission.

3 Main Game Modes

Territory War contains major game modes that you can choose from. For example, play the campaign mode and explore many battles, different levels of play, and various security. Also, test your skill in challenge mode. Moreover, play custom battle mode against a girlfriend in PvP battles or against the computer.

Explore Various Maps

There are a lot of places that you can explore while playing. Where the map system was designed in an innovative way, with wonderful backgrounds and different colors. As you pass more battles you will explore new places and different layouts of the next battlefields.


The graphics on Territory War are familiar to all gamers, especially those who have tried stickman games before. Where you can enjoy high-quality cartoon graphics and stunning visual and sound effects. Plus gameplay is rich, easy controls, and a familiar user interface for everyone.


  • Create your own stickman team.
  • Shoot your opponents.
  • Use powerful weapons.
  • Avoid damage and use your own style.
  • Explore various maps.
  • 3 different game modes.
  • Great graphics.
  • Familiar control options.