The Torture Chamber 2 Unblocked

The Torture Chamber 2

The Torture Chamber 2 Unblocked

The Torture Chamber 2 Unblocked is a unique action game. Where you can torture the doll with different weapons to get points. Use an electric saw, knives, and sharp tools to mutilate the doll. Although the game includes very violent gameplay, there are many who prefer such games. The game includes interactive graphics and 3D design. Start playing online through our website and try this mysterious game.

About The Torture Chamber 2

The Torture Chamber 2 Online is one of the violent games preferred by many players from around the world. Although such content is not suitable for many people. But some curious players always want to try something new. This game is different from horror games that include adventure and missions to complete. The goal of this game is to torture the doll using sharp weapons.

This game was developed in 2007 by Scott Jund. Also, the game is available in HTML 5 version and is supported by many platforms. To the right of the screen, there is a group of tools that you can use. For example, use guns, arrows, knives, ropes, and other tools to kill the doll. Every time you hit the dime, you will get points. So your main task is to collect as many points as possible.

How To Play?

All you have to do is torture the human-shaped doll dangling in front of you. The doll must not be killed directly. But try to cut off the limbs and torture the body to get the highest number of points. Although this game includes very violent gameplay, it includes unique and interesting content.


  • Very violent game.
  • Open new tools.
  • Get the most points.
  • Terrifying effects.
  • Easy control options.


Use the WASD keys to play, and use the CTRL key to shoot.

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