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Vex 4 Unblocked

Vex 4 Unblocked is a very fun and entertaining arcade game. Explore the platforms and use your skills to jump and run to bypass dangerous obstacles and traps on your way. Control your stickman to reach the checkpoints and grab the flags to keep your progress in the game. The more you move forward, the more difficult it will be.

So be rooted in the various blocks, saws, and obstacles in each new level. The game will take you in unique gameplay and beautiful colors for the squares and cubes. In addition to amazing sound effects and beautiful graphics within the game. The control options are familiar and do not require much skill. Enjoy the new version of Vex 4 through our website for free.

About Vex 4

Vex 4 Online is one of the immersive platform games of the action genre that will suit everyone who loves arcade games and puzzles. Any time you feel stressed or bored, these games will completely change your mood. Where you can relax and explore the different game levels in great dynamic gameplay. If you are a fan of stickman games, Vex 4 will be very familiar to you. The game was designed by Amazing Adam. Also, play on many different operating systems or play online for free now. Moreover, there are other versions of the game, such as Vex 3, which include different levels.

Let’s talk about your main mission at Vex 4 and how you can overcome obstacles and win every challenge. There are a lot of items that move automatically and can cause damage to you as you progress. So use your jumping skills to bypass all the traps and obstacles trying to reach the checkpoints. Get ready to test your survival skills in this amazing running game. You have to overcome a lot of evil challenges to help the stickman win. Learning new skills and taking advantage of everything around you can help you get out of difficult situations. Enjoy the graphics, sound, and visual effects, and start playing now.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Vex 4 Online?

If you have played one of the previous parts of the game, it will be very familiar to you. When you start playing, you will explore a rich platform that includes many different items, machines, and obstacles that will hinder your progress. Avoid deadly obstacles like buzzing saws, spikes, collapsing blocks, and sharp teeth. Jump, slide, run fast, or even use ropes and levers to survive. Also, learn more useful skills, moves, and tricks, such as wall climbing and kicking away boxes, to clear every obstacle in front of you.

There are 9 different moves that you can apply to get past the traps in each level. Plus, collect stars and boosters on your way to collect as many points as possible. Moreover, look for the checkpoints and pick up the flags in order to save your place in the game. Checkpoints are important elements that will help you start playing from the last checkpoint you reached in case of loss. There are hundreds of levels waiting for you in Vex 4. Not only that, but the platform includes more than 30 different floors with rich items for you to explore.


  • Explore platforms and challenge rooms.
  • Explore the beautiful cubic world.
  • Use your jumping, running, and rope-climbing skills to survive.
  • Overcoming obstacles, saws, and sharp traps.
  • Look out for checkpoints and green flags.
  • 30 different floors to explore.
  • 9 different movements that you can perform while playing.
  • Huge prizes and bonuses.
  • Great graphics.
  • Smooth control.