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Vex 5 Unblocked

Vex 5 Unblocked is one of the fun and very interesting arcade games. Enjoy a new part of the famous series and control the stick man on a journey fraught with dangers. Overcoming obstacles, traps, sharp saws, and other difficult situations. Use your jumping, rolling, and rope climbing skills to reach the checkpoints. The game is based on fun physics while playing.

With a wonderful design of colors and elements and corridors. Explore the maze and enjoy the high-quality graphics. Choose from new game modes and explore new fun and more challenging levels. Collect rewards and be one of the best players. Play Vex 5 online now through our website and start the exciting adventure.

About Vex 5

Vex 5 Online is one of the best platform games in the action genre that will lead you to a fun and risky journey. Classic arcade games are among the most popular games on the various operating platforms and are favored by millions of players around the world. Especially those stick-man games. These games attract great popularity and include a variety of addictive game ideas. One of the most prominent of these games is Vex. Which includes a complete series of several parts, you may have tried one of them before.

Among the most prominent of these parts is Vex 5, which was released in 2020. The game is supported by all operating platforms, and you can enjoy playing through a browser easily. When you start playing Vex 5, you can choose between two main game modes. After that, you will start your journey of running through different corridors, dungeons, and labyrinths. Not only that, but you will face many obstacles on your way.

In addition, the character has many different skills to help him overcome all obstacles. Explore more than 40 diverse levels, the challenge will gradually increase as you progress to a new level. Start the difficult journey now and perform acrobatic movements and jump from one platform to another until you reach the end of the challenge and win all the rewards and enter a new level.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Vex 5 Online?

If you’ve played one of the other parts of the series before, Vex 5 will be very familiar to you. The game includes a smooth and fun gameplay that will cause addiction. All you have to do is control the stickman character. Use the W key or the up arrow to jump, or use the S button or the down arrow to crouch. As well as use the left and right buttons to move freely everywhere. You are about to cross through platforms, slides, hills, cliffs, and other challenging situations.

One of the most important features of Vex 5 is checkpoints. Where if you lose in one of the rounds, you can complete the level from the last checkpoint you reached. Beware of spinning saws, thorns, sharp teeth, slashing blocks, and other traps. Choose the standard game mode and explore 10 very challenging stages. In addition to the challenge room mode and play more than 30 other levels. Start the challenge now and overcome all obstacles and win the game.

Vex 5 Advantages

Cross Corridors And Mazes

Control your Vex 5 stickman character and blast through dungeons and platforms and use the character’s skills to jump and fly. The game contains a fun physics game. So you can enjoy the dynamic moves of the main character. Try to reach the checkpoints or try to finish the level to enter the next challenge.

Game Modes

The game has 2 main game modes that you can choose from. For example, select the standard game mode, which includes 10 regular actions that you can play through. Plus 4 different achievements. Also, fire up the challenge room mode and immerse yourself in a marathon of more than 30 different levels.

Explore New Levels

You should know that the difficulty of the challenge will gradually increase as you progress in the game. As you will reach a new difficult level after each challenge. There are dozens of new levels within the game. Moreover, the platforms are designed in a diverse style and with attractive sound effects.

Graphics & Audio

For all the fans of stickman games, you will enjoy the wonderful and familiar graphics inside Vex 5. As the main character in the game is a stickman. Moreover, enjoy high-quality graphics and amazing visual and sound effects. In addition to a rich screen and a clean user interface.


  • Explore challenging labyrinths and passages.
  • Bypass traps and obstacles.
  • Get to the checkpoints.
  • Use your jumping and maneuvering skills.
  • Explore 40 diverse levels.
  • 2 main game modes.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Easy control.

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