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Vex 6

Vex 6 Unblocked

Vex 6 Unblocked is one of the fun and very interesting arcade games. Where you can enjoy the sixth part of the famous series of Ninja Man and embark on a deadly and perilous journey. Run, jump, and avoid obstacles and traps on your way. Use your character’s skills to get to the checkpoints.

Achieve the goals of each level and collect more coins and rewards to use in character customization. Explore the different levels of the game and enjoy high-quality graphics and attractive colors within the gameplay. Moreover, the game includes easy control options that are familiar to everyone. Play Vex 6 online now and enjoy the best experience through our platform.

About Vex 6

Vex 6 Online is a new part of the popular and very exciting series of platform games. Everyone has their own taste in choosing their favorite games. But without a doubt, arcade and running games are among the most preferred games by millions of people around the world. Where such games bring you a lot of fun and adventure while playing. There are a lot of games of this type that you may have tried one of them before.

But now you are about to experience one of the best of these games. Vex 6 was developed by Amazing Adam in 2021. This game is one of the parts of the famous series that includes many different versions. In each part of the game, there are dozens of levels, goals, and daily tasks. Today you can play Vex 6 and explore more interesting challenges.

When the game starts, you will pass through a variety of obstacles and a series of dangerous traps. For example, you have to bypass saws, nails, sharp teeth, and other items. The main character has several different skills based on jumping, climbing ropes, sliding, and others. Use these skills to pass all levels and collect rewards to buy skins and customize the character.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Vex 6 Online?

If you have played one of the parts of this series before, then Vex 6 will be very familiar to you. Your main mission in the game is fun and immersive. You will be given a new task every day. Each mission includes 3 different objectives. First, you must pass all the traps and reach the endpoints.

During this journey, you will die more than once, and you will learn more techniques that you can apply in the next time. Also, you must collect rewards and use them to upgrade the character. Moreover, get more rewards through daily events. Use the mouse to control the ninja character, or you can use the WASD keys. Vex 6 will bring you a lot of fun while playing.

You must be more focused in each new level. Look for checkpoints in order to return to them again in case of loss. Collect as much money as possible to customize the character. There are a bunch of cool outfits of different rarities that you can unlock in the skin shop. Also, you can enjoy playing in full-screen mode easily.

Vex 6 Advantages

Run and Jump Across The Platforms

Vex 6 is one of the most exciting and fun series of games to play. Where you can enjoy dynamic gameplay based on dynamic physics in controlling the character and exploring challenges. In each mission, you will face many difficult situations, traps, and obstacles. Use the skills of the character to pass all the obstacles and reach the end point and move to the next level.

Bypass All Traps

It will not be easy to reach the endpoint. The difficulty of each level will gradually increase as you progress. There are a lot of holes, rotary saws, teeth, and sharp blades that can cut you. It might be better if you reach one of the checkpoints in each level. As checkpoints are a point from which you can start again in case of loss.


Vex 6 has an amazing customization system that you can use to upgrade the main character. Every day you will participate in daily events and special missions and you will collect a lot of coins and rewards. Use the coins to buy more skins from the store to customize the character. There are more fashion, clothes, accessories and more.

Graphics and Sound

One of the best features of Vex 6 is its stunning 3D graphics design. Where you can enjoy high-quality graphics and different designs for each new location in each new level. In addition to attractive sound and visual effects. Moreover, the game includes a full-screen mode, familiar control options, and a clean user interface.

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  • Fun dynamic gameplay.
  • Run and pass the obstacles.
  • Look for checkpoints.
  • Use personal skills.
  • 3 targets in each level.
  • Explore new places.
  • Customize the main character.
  • Full-screen mode.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Intuitive control options.