Wizard101 Unblocked

Wizard101 Unblocked is a role-playing game based on magical arts. Where you can enjoy a very interesting and immersive play game with a lot of events and challenges. You will play the role of a student in a school that teaches the arts of magic. And you will master many magical skills in order to be able to confront the forces of evil and save the innocent.

The game contains an interesting story and a fun dialogue style with 3D graphics. In addition to a variety of characters and amazing sound and visual effects. You will interact with the environment around you and use a lot of different items. Play Wizard101 online now through our platforms and enjoy the best experience.

About Wizard101

Wizard101 Online is a very interesting and fun adventure game. There is no doubt that RPG games are among the best games that contain interesting stories. Moreover, role-playing games are among the most popular games among players and are favored by millions around the world. Have you ever thought of becoming a magician? Or at least to master some of the magical arts and spells to use them in the face of the forces of evil.

This is exactly what you will do on Wizard101. The game contains an interesting plot that revolves around a student in the School of Magic Arts. This student will learn magic skills and various spells at RavenWood School. In order to be able to confront the evil wizards and save Spiral. The game was developed by KingsIsle Entertainment in 2008.

Now the game is available on many platforms and is supported by different operating systems. You can also play online easily through your browser. Explore different worlds, embark on fun magical missions, face enemies, and indulge in the fiercest battles. The game will take you in an interesting world and an epic adventure and will bring you a lot of fun. Get ready for fierce battles and become the desired hero.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Wizard101 Online?

Wizard101 Online contains rich gameplay and a very interesting story with a lot of events that you will pass through. You have to follow some instructions from the game system in order to get to know each mission that will be assigned to you. The control options within the game are easy and you will not need a lot of time to learn new skills. In order to save Spiral, you will have to choose from seven different schools of magic. For example, choose from Fire, Ice, Storm, Life, Death, Legend, and Magic Balance.

In each school, you will learn new skills and master more techniques. Also, using a set of magic cards and spells, you will be able to confront enemies, enter battles, and defeat evil forces. The game contains interesting text dialogue and unparalleled events. Also, Wizard101 is compatible with all ages. Furthermore, the game includes a chat filter implemented to censor profanity and personal information so that it is not displayed. Start the adventure now and be the best magician in the world.


  • Explore 16 different worlds.
  • Learn magical arts and spells.
  • Face the forces of evil.
  • Epic magic battles.
  • 7 different magic schools.
  • Gameplay is interesting.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Easy control.