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Wolf Simulator
Wolf Simulator

Wolf Simulator

Wolf Simulator Unblocked

Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals Unblocked is one of the wonderful simulation games that will bring you a lot of fun while playing. Where you can simulate the life of a wolf and help it find prey and survive. In addition to completing tasks and helping people bring their needs and work.

Besides, build your house and start your family from wolf cubs. In addition to exploring a beautiful golden world, landscapes, and amazing sound effects. In addition to 3D graphics and easy control options. Play Wolf Simulator 3D online now and enjoy this game through our platform.

About Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals

Wolf Simulator 3D Online is a wonderful and fun adventure game that simulates the life of a wolf. Simulation games are considered one of the most elegant and realistic games that are preferred by millions of players around the world. Such games are also spread on many different operating systems, including PS, PC, Android, and iOS. These games simulate the realistic details of life, whether they are driving, war, open world, construction, or adventure games.

Where you can do something new every day, take on challenges, complete missions, and other events. The most prominent of these games are animal life simulation games, such as Wolf Simulator. In this game, you can live as a wolf and search for ways to help you survive. In addition to helping the people around you, interacting with the environment, and protecting yourself from other predatory animals.

Also on Wolf Simulator 3D you can build your house, interact with other animals, and explore the wonderful landscapes. Find your partner and build your own family. Explore new places to find shelter and food. Wolf Simulator was developed by CyberGoldfinch in 2018. Moreover, the game has become available in HTML 5 format so that you can enjoy playing online through your browser easily. This game is supported by many platforms. You can start this fun adventure and do many different activities.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Wolf Simulator 3D Online?

Open-world games usually depend on your creativity and skills in playing. Although there are some intuitive instructions and control options. But it depends on your style and strategy in engaging in such adventures. Your main task in this game is to try to survive in different environments. Search for water and food and interact with other animals such as deer, tigers, cats, and dogs.

Also, build your house, decorate it, and create a new family. There is a vast map that includes many places and landscapes that you can explore. Complete different missions and help people. For example, bring goods, pull carts, and help villagers. There are more interesting activities and events in this game that will make you have a great time while playing.

Wolf Simulator Advantages

Explore An Amazing World

When you start playing Wolf Simulator 3D, you will enjoy rich gameplay that includes many wonderful worlds, vast maps, and charming and picturesque landscapes. There are many places you can explore. In addition to building houses, looking for shelter, going on fishing trips, and other activities.

Interact With The Environment Around You

There are lots of different items and other animals around you that you can interact with. Collect resources, build and decorate your house. Also, protect your trowel from attacks by other animals. In addition to many types of animals and friends around you, such as deer, dogs, otters, and others.

Complete The Missions

It does not stop searching for food and prey or exploring beautiful places. But there are also many missions waiting for you through which you can get money and rewards. For example, help farmers, pull carts, protect property, and other tasks.


One of the best features of Wolf Simulator is the amazing game graphics that all players love. Where you can enjoy stunning 3D design of items and characters. Plus high-quality graphics and attractive effects within the gameplay. The game includes a clean user interface and control options that are familiar to everyone, along with some instructions.


  • An exciting adventure in an open world.
  • Live the wolf life yourself.
  • Build your home and try to survive.
  • Create a nest and raise cubs.
  • Complete different missions.
  • Wide map.
  • New places.
  • Different types of animals.
  • 3D design.
  • Great graphics.
  • Intuitive control.


  • WASD keys or arrow keys to move.
  • Space button to jump.
  • Left click to attack.
  • Shift to sprint.

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