Chasm Unblocked
Chasm Unblocked


Chasm Unblocked

Chasm Unblocked is a very entertaining puzzle game. Where you can explore a wonderful environment that includes many puzzles and missions to complete. Help Joe solve the problem haunting the city and search around for a solution to each puzzle.

Interact with everything around you and enjoy wonderful text dialogue from the game system to know what you should do. The game is designed in a smooth style, simple graphics, and very enjoyable gameplay. Start playing online through our website and enjoy your new adventure.

About Chasm

Chasm Online is one of the adventure games that includes puzzle elements. This type of game is unique and entertaining and loved by millions of players from everywhere. Currently, the game is available online and you can play through your browser. The game’s events revolve around the city of Chasmton, where Joe lives, who is the hero of this game and the main character.

Unfortunately, there is a large hole that has caused a problem with a water pipe that supplies fresh water to the residents of Chasmeton. So you will go to the source of the problem to try to solve it. But the task will not be easy. The game depends on clicking and interacting. Therefore, try to solve the puzzles, complete the challenges, and know the instructions for each level so that you can solve the puzzle.

All you have to do is tap on the different objects that appear on the screen to do something. There is a text dialogue method in the game system that will explain to you the activities that must be performed to solve the puzzles. However, other versions of the game include different languages for the texts so that the largest possible number of players from around the world can play it.

How To Play?

Enjoy a new adventure and an interesting challenge that will lead you to many missions to complete. Try to restore life to normal for the city’s residents and solve the water problem in the estate. Click and interact with objects to solve the puzzle and get rid of the large gap in the water pipes. All you have to do is use your mouse to play.


  • Amazing puzzle game.
  • Complete the missions.
  • Interact with the environment around you.
  • Smooth conversational style.
  • Intuitive control options.
  • Nice graphics.


Use the mouse to click and play.

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