Completing the Mission
Completing the Mission
Completing the Mission

Completing the Mission

Completing the Mission Unblocked

Completing the Mission Unblocked is an interesting adventure game and a continuation of the epic journey of Stickman Henry in escaping from prison. As you are about to complete the interesting story in an interesting and fun game that will lead you to a lot of different events. Use skills to escape from a strict prison and prepare a plan to bypass the guards and monitoring devices and reach freedom.

The game will take you in a refreshing and fun game with the famous stickman characters. Also, the game will bring you a lot of fun with beautiful cartoon graphics and amazing visual and sound effects. Get ready to complete the journey, escape from the dungeon, and overcome exciting obstacles and challenges. Play Completing the Mission Online through our platform and get ready for this new adventure.

About Completing the Mission

Completing the Mission Online is a wonderful stickman that will lead you to a new epic journey to escape from prison. Adventure games have a special taste and unique characters while playing, and they give you a great boost of enthusiasm and desire to explore the chapters of the game. This is what makes adventure games one of the most preferred games by millions of players around the world. There is a character familiar to everyone that you may have played before and that is Stickman or Henry Stickman.

Stickman games are highly affected on many different operating systems with diverse and innovative game ideas. You are now about to experience one of the best of these games. Completing the Mission was developed by Puffballs United in 2020. The game is now compatible with all platforms, and you can play online Magan through any modern web browser you have.

Complete the old story and enjoy a new part of Henry’s adventure in an attempt to escape from one of the large prisons. Interact with everything around you and create a new way to get through difficult terrain and situations. You will go through many events on Completing the Mission. So prepare well for this adventure. If you fail, you can try again. Because the life you will get will be worth it. Start playing now and enjoy your journey and search for freedom with an exciting, funny, and interesting story.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Completing the Mission Online?

The game depends primarily on the use of your own tactics and style of play. As you will not need a lot of controls or instructions and complex rules to play. Where the story is told within the game at a fast, consistent, and very interesting pace. Accordingly, you will go through many events in each chapter of the story. It will be relatively easy at first, but you will face many obstacles as you move forward.

You must use your own style to bypass the barbed wire and aggressive guards. Also, make use of the various items and tools around you and interact with the surrounding environment. Everything on Completing the Mission depends on your choice. If you can make the right decision, you will survive in future events. Therefore, you have to make the appropriate decision in every situation that you will pass through in this story. Start the epic journey now and escape from prison and complete the story.


  • Complete the prison escape story.
  • Help Sikman Henry to get to freedom.
  • Overcome obstacles and difficult situations.
  • Run away from the aggressive guards.
  • Interact with everything around you.
  • Gameplay is funny and entertaining.
  • Nice cartoon graphics.
  • Attractive sound effects.
  • Familiar control options.

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