Duck Life 7 Unblocked

Duck Life 7: Battle

Duck Life 7 Unblocked

Duck Life 7 Unblocked is a very fun casual game. Immerse yourself in an exciting journey full of challenges and epic duck battles. Upgrade and customize the hero duck and complete various missions to get the highest points. Explore more than 25 mini-games that include many interesting events and challenges. Fight against evil ducks and impose your control over the world of ducks. Practice your new skills and create creative ways to complete all levels. This game includes amazing graphics and very attractive game effects.

About Duck Life 7: Battle

Duck Life 7: Battle Online is an interesting and exciting adventure game that you will love to play. Get ready to continue your journey in a new challenge in duck life. Which is one of the most successful action game series loved by millions of players around the world. This type of game is not only for children, but there are many people who spend fun times playing the game and completing various challenges. The hero ducks have returned in a new part that includes many exciting events and activities.

Unlike the previous parts, your task will not only be to train the ducks and complete the levels. But you will create your own hero and immerse yourself in epic battles that require high abilities and skills. Therefore, you will purchase upgrades, upgrade abilities, and use various methods of fighting. Not only that, but explore a huge map that includes 6 new worlds. In addition to 100 skins and powerful weapons. There are 40 battles waiting for you.

So you will have to come up with different tactics and methods for each battle. Don’t forget to customize your duck to become strong enough to fight new battles. In addition, there are 5 new dojos that you can discover while playing. Duck Life 7 was developed by MoFunZone Inc. As well this game is supported by many platforms, including Android, iOS, and HTML5.

How To Play Duck Life 7?

For all fans of this wonderful series, it is time to immerse yourself in an exciting new mission. The graphics and main control options in the game may not have changed. But the battle system has been added so that you can confront your enemies and raise the hero’s level at the end of each challenge.

Moreover, explore more than 20 mini-games that include plenty of missions to complete. Don’t forget to buy skins, customize your duck, and get costumes, hats, and other decorations. You will explore new places that you have not reached before in any previous part.

Duck Life 7 Advantages

An Awesome New Adventure

Do not waste your time! Start the new journey of a hero’s life and explore unparalleled challenges. Many aspects of the game have changed. Plus, adding more features and upgrade options. Face other ducks and gain experience at the end of each battle. Open new levels and get the highest points and rewards.

Epic Battles

In this part, the matter will not only be limited to training ducks and winning challenges. But you will indulge in interesting battles against enemy ducks to eliminate them. Therefore, you will need more skills and abilities that you can constantly upgrade.

Amazing World

Duck Life 7 includes a vast map with many places and battlefields. Where you can explore 6 different worlds. Do not forget that there are many addictive games, and your mission will differ in each of them. In addition to different playing environments, there are unique abilities.


One of the most important features that must be used wisely is customization. When you start playing you will create your own hero. After that, you can customize the appearance, buy skins, change hairstyles, hats, outfits, weapons, and other options.


  • A very interesting adventure game.
  • 6 worlds to explore.
  • Interesting battles.
  • Complete the missions.
  • Allocate the duck.
  • Buy upgrades.
  • 100 of leather.
  • Great effects.
  • 3D graphics.


MoFunZone Inc

Release Date

August 1, 2018


Use the mouse and keyboard to play.

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