Rise of Kingdoms Unblocked

Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms Unblocked

Rise of Kingdoms Unblocked is an epic strategy game. Build your empire, develop your world, and build a strong army to protect your kingdom. Choose from 14 different civilizations such as Greece, Romans, Babylon, and Pharaohs. Collect resources and build facilities, castles, and army training sites. Indulge in fierce battles against your enemies, or make an alliance with another kingdom to become invincible. Explore huge maps and unparalleled legendary worlds. Enjoy 3D graphics and lots of challenges and missions to complete.

Introduce Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms Online is one of the interesting adventure games that you will love to try. Exploring history and the ancient world is one of the most fun things you can do. Where you can explore Iraq, the establishment of empires, interesting events, and the fierce battles that took place between humans in this era. Therefore, you will find many simulation games through which you can live these moments yourself and build your own kingdom, such as Rise of Kingdoms.

You may be carried on the Crusade or immerse yourself in the civilization of the Greeks, Romans, and Pharaohs. Explore the secrets of Babylon, the Phoenicians, and the great Hellenistic world. Create new strategic plans to develop your armies and indulge in epic battles against your enemies. Develop your lands and build castles, palaces, and walls. I seek to develop philosophy, politics, arts, and war. Immerse yourself in a real RTS game and lead legendary battles in different places.

Build bases and make the necessary plans to manage battles. Also, the game includes RPG elements, so you can recruit historical figures as leaders, raise levels, and customize abilities during battles. Unleash your imagination and enjoy this immersive journey. The original game was developed by Lilith Games. There is a mini version now, so you can enjoy playing online through your browser.

How To Play Rise of Kingdoms?

Such games do not include specific rules or tasks to perform. But you are about to explore an open world full of challenges, events, and activities that you can do. You will often need a keyboard and mouse to play. Your main mission is to transform a humble city into an ancient civilization and lead it to glory.

For example, simulate the eras of 14 of the most powerful empires in history. In addition to setting your tactical tactics to lead fierce battles against your enemies, protect your kingdom, and create alliances. Rise of Kingdoms will bring you a lot of fun and you will find something different to do every day. So start this legendary adventure and enjoy your time.

Rise of Kingdoms Advantages

Build Your Empire

Live an exceptional experience of simulation games while playing Rise of Kingdoms. Build your own kingdom from scratch, and develop it until it becomes an unparalleled civilization. Build castles, bases, towers, and walls, and constantly strengthen and develop them to become more powerful. Seize new lands, annex them to your rule, and create strong alliances.

Huge Maps

This game includes a vast world full of open places and maps. Where you can explore the ancient architecture of the most famous civilizations. In addition to various places, different environments, and an exciting atmosphere that will make you never get bored of playing. Which includes temples, caves, forts, and cities.

Epic RPG Battles

One of the main tasks that you must pay attention to while playing is the army. As you will not stop waging conflicts and battles against your enemies everywhere. Also, summon new troops for the most famous historical figures, and appoint them as army commanders. Plus lead wars with a great strategy to impress everyone.


One of the most important features of this game is its amazing graphic design. Rise of Kingdoms includes wonderful worlds, 3D designs, various maps, and many playing environments. In addition to 3D graphics, wonderful landscapes, and attractive gameplay effects.


  • Amazing strategy game.
  • Build your own kingdom.
  • Develop your armies.
  • Manage battles.
  • Create alliances.
  • 14 different civilizations.
  • Open world.
  • Upgrades & customization.
  • 3D graphics.


Lilith Games


Use the mouse and keyboard to play.

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