Feudalism Unblocked

Feudalism Unblocked is a very exciting open world game. Where you can build and expand your castle and conquer new lands to establish your own empire. Upgrade your units and lead your forces to control other kingdoms.

In each mission during the campaign, you can control a new land and annex it to your base. This game is legendary and includes wonderful cartoon graphics and intuitive instructions. In addition to smooth gameplay and control options familiar to everyone. Play Feudalism online through our website and get the best experience.

About Feudalism Game

Feudalism Online is an epic battle game that will lead you to an exciting adventure. Battle games and open world games are considered games that have special fun and include many events and missions. Millions of players prefer such games. If you want to build your own empire and struggle to conquer lands and expand your kingdom. Then Feudalism will be much familiar to you.

The game was developed by Vitaly Zaborov in 2007. Now the game is available in HTML 5 format so you can enjoy playing online easily. When you start playing, you can control your soldier and immerse yourself in battles against your enemies. Take over one city at a time with your hero to rule the entire land. Recruit troops, buy weapons and horses, and learn different skills.

Use your strategy to manage battles and apply different tactics to seize territory. Use upgrades to raise the level and build forts and castles to repel the attack of your enemies. Don’t forget to collect money and develop weapons and armor to strengthen your forces everywhere. Enjoy this adventure and start the battle.

How To Play Feudalism Online?

Feudalism is a game of a strategic nature, so you can use your own style while playing. This game includes text instructions so that you know what you must do in each challenge. Not only that, but the game includes easy and familiar control options for everyone.

When you start the game you will have a small castle to develop. In addition to a limited army of soldiers and knights to develop and conquer new lands. Get ready to build your empire and protect your kingdom from enemies.


  • Fun open-world game.
  • Develop your castle and base.
  • Upgrade your troops and units.
  • Conquer new lands.
  • Create your own empire.
  • Protect your kingdom.
  • Amazing graphics.
  • Easy control options.


Use mouse and keyboard to play.

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Gameplay Video

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