Scarred Unblocked
Scarred Unblocked


Scarred Unblocked

Scarred Unblocked is a very interesting adventure game. Immerse yourself in twisty puzzles in a terrifying world of danger and discovery. Escape the ghostly presence lurking around dark corners and through mysterious situations. Explore an enchanting and stunning dream-like world with magnificent landscapes. Help Lori who is trying to find her parents. Enjoy wonderful graphics, attractive effects, and very fun gameplay.

About Scarred Game

Scarred Online is one of the amazing puzzle games that you will love to play. Get ready to embark on a dangerous journey with many puzzles and dangerous situations. The game’s events take place in a world of magic, mysterious places, and incomprehensible things. You will play the role of a police officer trying to help Lori find her parents. But it won’t be easy! Solve different psychological puzzles in the style of Silent-Hill game.

Be prepared to face nightmares, avoid horrors, and discover tragedies. At the same time, make the appropriate decision in each challenge because it will affect the events of the game in the future. You will simply piece together the story through the missions you will complete. Everything around you you can interact with to solve the puzzle.

In each chapter, you will move to a new place in an amazing world that you will love to explore. Scarred was developed by ArtyFartyGames, and the game was published in 2020 with HTML 5 version. In order to enjoy playing online through your browser. Not only that, but the game is supported by many other platforms.

How To Play Scarred?

Unleash your imagination to explore a mysterious and exciting world. Embark on a perilous journey to help Lori find her parents. The idea of playing on Scarred is based on solving puzzles, overcoming obstacles, and staring. Therefore, make the appropriate decision in every scene in order to move to a new level. The story’s events are narrated in an interesting and enjoyable manner. You will explore many wonderful landscapes and magical and legendary worlds while playing. However, only use the mouse to play and interact.


  • An exciting adventure game.
  • Exciting events.
  • Enchanting worlds.
  • Mysterious places.
  • Lots of puzzles.
  • Attractive effects.
  • Great graphics.



Release Date

January 2020


Use the mouse to play.