infiltrating the airship
Infiltrating the Airship
infiltrating the airship

Infiltrating the Airship

Infiltrating the Airship Unblocked

Infiltrating the Airship Unblocked is an interesting adventure game and one of the parts of the famous Henry Stickman series of games. Use your shield to try to sneak into a table and catch evil Henry. But it will not be easy and there may be a risk to your life. There are many members of the gang that should not fall into their clutches.

In addition, you will face many obstacles and difficult situations that you must overcome in order for your mission to succeed. The story within the game is told in a funny and interesting dialogue style. In addition, enjoy cartoon graphics, 2D designs, and beautiful effects while playing. Play Infiltrating the Airship online through our platform and enjoy the best gaming experience.

About Infiltrating the Airship

Infiltrating the Airship Online is a great action and RPG type of stickman game. Stickman games are considered one of the most popular categories of games that include hundreds of different versions from a large number of developers. Although the game’s characters are simple and the game’s graphics are intuitive, such games are very popular and are sold by hundreds of millions of players from all over the world. You may have played a Stickman game before on your phone. But you are about to experience one of the best parts of a very popular and entertaining series.

Infiltrating the Airship is one of the most prominent parts of the famous Steampunk, which will lead you to an interesting and difficult mission to arrest a dangerous criminal. The game was developed by Puffballs United, and as we know, the game is available in HTML 5 format so you can enjoy playing online. Not only that, but this game is supported by many different operating platforms. After escaping from prison and stealing the precious diamond and other important items from the apartment in the previous parts.

Then it’s time for you to be tasked with trying to catch Henry Stickman, who is hiding in a balloon in the air. But this time it won’t be easy! You must make the appropriate decision before undertaking any mission. The positions of each challenge will be affected by your choices in the game. There are many obstacles that can prevent you from reaching your goal. So prepare well, enjoy this adventure, and try to reach the dangerous criminal in order to win the game. As we are accustomed to, the game includes a wonderful plot and the events are narrated in a very funny and interesting manner. Start the adventure now and try to arrest Henry.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Infiltrating the Airship Online?

As we have all become accustomed to in the previous parts, Infiltrating the Airship includes easy and familiar control options and there are no complicated steps. If you have played any version of this series, the control options will become very familiar, but. But the difficulty of the game lies in your choices, continents, and movements.

This part includes more possibilities and puzzles that must be solved. There are more characters that you will interact with. Not only that, but the slightest mistake will lead to failure of this mission and thus loss of the game. The main character in this part is called Ralph. So help Ralph try to arrest Henry Stickman and explore all the different mission events on your own.


  • A new dangerous and fun mission.
  • He tried to arrest Henry Stickman.
  • Explore new places and obstacles.
  • Get through all the difficult situations.
  • Enjoy an interesting plot while playing.
  • A funny and entertaining narration of events.
  • Familiar control options for everyone.
  • Amazing graphics.

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