Fleeing the Complex
Fleeing the Complex
Fleeing the Complex

Fleeing the Complex

Fleeing the Complex Unblocked

Fleeing the Complex Unblocked is a great puzzle game that will lead you to a very interesting adventure. Enjoy the various stick figures and help Henry Stickmin to escape from his cell. The events of the game take place like wonderful novel games with a wonderful background sound during the game that will make you feel as if you are in a classic drama movie. Interact with everything around you and use your skills to escape from your cell.

Not only that, but you must escape from the entire prison and get the key to the truck to drive it to a far place and save your life. It will not be easy, as the prison you are in is famous for its high security and aggressive men. The game includes beautiful graphics, an attractive soundtrack, and great design of characters and items. Play Fleeing the Complex online through our website now and start your adventure to escape from prison.

About Fleeing the Complex

Fleeing the Complex is one of the interesting and exciting adventure games. If you are a fan of plot games and classic novels, you will enjoy this part of the game a lot. Where you play the role of a prisoner who is trying to escape from his cell with elements of adventure and puzzle gameplay, and a background soundtrack to cover the events of the game. This game is the fifth and final part of the Henry Stickmin Legacy series. Which was developed by Puffballs United in 2015.

The gameplay is very familiar, especially to those who played the previous versions of the series such as Breaking the Bank, Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond, and Infiltrating the Airship. As your main task is to help Henry Stickmin escape from prison and bypass the guards and security. In addition to looking for a safe place to go to. Choose the right paths, tools, and moves while trying to break into or out of different places to escape.

You have to cause trouble to the security men and overcome difficult situations to win the game. In every situation that you will go through on Fleeing the Complex, you will need to change your style and use a new strategy in order to be able to escape from your cell. But remember that if you fail in your mission, punishment and death await you. Unleash your ideas and use your tactics to overcome the odds, solve the puzzles, and win.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Fleeing the Complex Online?

Fleeing the Complex contains some instructions from the game system that will help you move around. In addition to a wonderful sound and text background that will make you enjoy the atmosphere of the game. The control options within the game are very easy. You are presented with an on-screen decision, and then you click on the option, action or tool you wish to use. Your main task in Fleeing the Complex is to help Henry Stickmin escape from the big prison. You will go through many challenges and events. The whole game is based on quick thinking, strategy, and making the right decision.

There are many situations that are related to previous events from the previous parts of the game. So you can get help from old friends and the environment around you. It may take you a good decision in the beginning, but it will lead to a bad end. So use your strategy to pass all the obstacles and get to the truck. Once you get to the truck your mission will be about to succeed. Immerse yourself in this exciting adventure that you cannot predict and enjoy playing.


Try To Escape From The Big Prison

Fleeing the Complex contains all the gaming elements that will make you feel excited and excited while playing. Where you can embark on an interesting and fun adventure to help the stickman character escape from prison. At first, you have to escape from the small cell, then move to a more challenging level to try to escape from the big prison. Therefore, you will go through a lot of situations and events that require making appropriate decisions to win.

Solve Puzzles And Overcome Obstacles

As mentioned above, you are about to immerse yourself in many different events while playing. So use your strategy and change your style in every situation in order to be able to cross the impasse. Solve puzzles, overcome difficult situations, and make the appropriate decision with the help of your friends and the various elements around you in order to save your life.


One of the best features of the game is the beautiful graphics, which are designed in the famous Stickman style. Fleeing the Complex includes a group of different stickman characters with very cute cartoon designs. Also, enjoy the wonderful background sound and various instructions of the game system. In addition to smooth controls and a clean user interface.


  • Embark on a dangerous adventure to escape from prison.
  • Cross events and difficult situations.
  • Solve the puzzle and interact with the environment around you.
  • Make appropriate decisions.
  • Get help from friends.
  • Enjoy different play seasons.
  • Easy control.
  • Beautiful graphics.