Storm the House 3
Storm the House 3
Storm the House 3

Storm the House 3

Storm the House 3 Unblocked

Storm the House 3 Unblocked is a fun arcade-type shooting game. Get ready to protect your castle from the attack of the Stickman army, shoot your enemies, and protect your defenses. As well as upgrade your forts and build more defenses in front of your castle to become more powerful.

In addition to using different means and various weapons to repel the attack of the Stickman army. Gradually, the army will become larger and more powerful. So you can get more reinforcements and powerful weapons to protect your city. This game includes simple graphics, entertaining gameplay, and familiar control options. Play Storm the House 3 online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Storm the House 3

Storm the House 3 Online is one of the wonderful stickman games that will bring you a lot of fun. Enjoy the third part of the wonderful series of the Storm the House game and prepare your forces to repel the attack of the armies and prevent the storming of the castle. This type of game is fun and addictive, and includes a real challenge and many different levels of play. Also, the game includes arcade elements and tower defense in the same fun gameplay.

Gather your forces and strengthen your defense to prevent the intrusion of hordes and hired gunmen into your city. Storm the House 3 was developed by IvoryDrive, and the game is also available in the HTML 5 version so you can enjoy playing online through your browser. Your main task in the game is to repel the attack of enemies advancing towards your castle. Use different types of weapons, items, and machine guns.

Moreover, you can build more walls and fortifications that will make the task of storming more difficult. Do not forget that the strength of your enemies increases gradually. Therefore, you will need to upgrade the towers, raise the level of power, and use your strategy to destroy all enemies. Storm the House 3 includes easy control options, difficult missions, and many epic battles. Eliminate hordes of armies, break records, and enjoy your time while playing.

How To Play Storm the House 3 Online?

When you start playing, you will find that the gameplay is smooth and entertaining with a wide view. There is a group of Stickman characters advancing towards your castle to storm it and take control of it. Therefore, your main mission will be to prevent the armies from advancing towards your city.

So use all your concentration, raise the power level, and build walls to prevent the advance of your enemies. Use your mouse to shoot by directing your mouse arrow at the stickman. Over time, you will receive more reinforcements and support to mobilize more of your strength to protect the castle. Start this epic adventure now and eliminate all those who want to invade your city.


  • A very fun arcade game.
  • Shoot the stickman.
  • Protect your castle from attacking hordes.
  • Strengthen your defenses.
  • Build walls.
  • Use stronger weapons.
  • Great graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  • Z / mouse wheel to change weapons.
  • Left-click the button to shoot.
  • Space bar to reload.

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