We Become What We Behold
We Become What We Behold
We Become What We Behold

We Become What We Behold

We Become What We Behold Unblocked

We Become What We Behold Unblocked is an entertainment game of the type of casual that simulates the world of media and news in a simple and unique style. Your main task in this game is to show how social media can spread information quickly. It is a casual and non-partisan game that covers various topics, including love, tribalism, and peace. This game is simple and takes only 5 minutes in each challenge, though you will have a fun and enjoyable time while playing it. In addition to simple and monochrome cartoon graphics. You can play online through our platform from any modern web browser you have.

About We Become What We Behold

We Become What We Behold Online is an entertaining and unique casual game to spend a fun and entertaining time while playing. Media, news, and social media are among the most reliable means for anyone in all aspects of life. Moreover, every user quotes from social media what he applies in his private life, and this is a serious mistake. News and media also play a role in transmitting events and information around the world at great speed. Perhaps this is the idea of playing We Become What We Behold. Where the game depends on how to spread information, events, and different situations to people as quickly as possible.

This game contains characters with square shapes who fight against those with round shapes in different battlefields. The game is developed by Nicky Case. Now you can enjoy playing online without downloading through our website. The game has a simple and unimproved background of a garden with a white background and people walking around it. This will make you enjoy a unique experience while playing. Also, the control options are easy and intuitive, and you will not need any skills. Start playing now and enjoy your experience.

Gameplay Video

How To Play We Become What We Behold Online?

When you start playing We Become What We Behold, you will find a simple and fun game with intuitive control options. The idea of the game revolves around the world of social media and how it is used to transmit information at great speed. Your main task to play is a clicking game about news cycles, vicious cycles, and infinite cycles. Capture different moments and situations with your camera and see how the squares and circles interact.

Also, circle the people and their diverse stories. There are characters with square shapes fighting round ones on different battlefields. Moreover, the game has a simple background with cool cartoon graphics. In addition to various sound effects, as you can hear the sounds of crickets and people wailing in the background. Enjoy playing now and explore the media world by yourself.


  • A simple game about society and the media.
  • Capture the moments that affect people.
  • A short 5-minute challenge.
  • Various battlefields.
  • Circle the people and their diverse stories.
  • Smooth control.
  • Nice cartoon graphics.
  • Amazing sound effects.