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Wheely 2 Unblocked

Wheely 2 Unblocked is a very fun and entertaining car driving game. Where you can enjoy the second part of the game with a new mission and many puzzles. Aim to explore the different levels of play. Overcome obstacles and obstacles and try to reach your new love. In each mission, you will have to drive your car, solve puzzles, and interact with the environment around you to win.

There are amazing graphics and 3D models in this game. In addition to fun gameplay, wonderful effects, and easy control options. Get ready to take on this exciting adventure and start the challenge now. Play Wheely 2 online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Wheely 2

Wheely 2 Online is a very interesting and fun puzzle game. We all have an idea about the wonderful animated movie with the same name as the game. It is loved by many and includes cute characters and beautiful colorful cars. Based on this, one of the developers was inspired by the idea of creating a game bearing the same name that includes a fun and entertaining game. So a series of several different parts of Willie’s game was published. Today you can play the second version of the game and explore the exciting challenges.

Wheely 2 was developed by Pegas Games in 2013. After that, the game became available in HTML 5 in 2017. Not only that, but the game is compatible with all versions and is supported by many platforms. As well as enjoy playing online easily through your browser. There are many challenges waiting for you. But the story in this part is different from the other parts.

In this part, you will fall in love with the pink car and will try to overcome all obstacles and puzzles in order to reach your new love. In addition to different playing levels, an amazing environment, and many events that you will pass through. Wheely 2 includes wonderful, high-quality graphics and amazing audio and visual effects. Start this exciting adventure, overcome all obstacles, get out of difficult situations with skills, and explore more levels of play.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Wheely 2 Online?

This basket is considered one of the most popular game series and is preferred by millions of players around the world. Because the gameplay is interesting and fun and includes easy control options. Not only that, but Wheely 2 includes an instruction system that can help you solve some puzzles or control driving your car. When you embark on an adventure to travel across the land, cross the sea, and even descend into the sky, you will encounter many puzzles and challenges.

Moreover, you will get more great rewards that you can use to customize cars. Pull levers, turn gears, press buttons, and jump through traps and obstacles. Use the mouse to control the car. There are 16 different levels you can explore. Besides, enables full-screen mode to enjoy an unparalleled experience. Start the race now and pass all the puzzles and get coins and gifts.


  • A very fun car-driving game.
  • Many puzzles and challenges.
  • Overcoming obstacles and traps.
  • Try to find your new love.
  • Interact with everything around you.
  • 16 diverse levels.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Beautiful effects.
  • Easy control options.

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