Stealing The Diamond
Stealing The Diamond
Stealing The Diamond

Stealing The Diamond

Stealing The Diamond Unblocked

Stealing The Diamond Unblocked is one of the very interesting and fun adventure games. Where you are about to start a new journey of escape with the famous Henry Stickman character. After you manage to escape from prison, you will move on to a new mission, which is to steal a huge diamond from a museum. Isn’t it interesting! But beware of the guards, surveillance devices, cops, and other obstacles that will come your way.

Your task will not be just to get to the diamond. But also you must get out of the museum with the diamond and run away. The game will bring you a lot of fun with funny and beautiful cartoon graphics. In addition to easy and familiar control options for all players. Play Stealing The Diamond online through our website and enjoy a great experience while playing.

About Stealing The Diamond

Stealing The Diamond Online is one of the new puzzle games in the Stickman series. Adventure and escape games are among the games that bring you a lot of excitement while playing. Especially those games from the famous Twitter Stickman series. There are a lot of parts of this game with different stories and interesting gameplay that you can try. But now you will enjoy a new mission to rob a museum. The story begins when Henry escapes from prison.

While sitting in front of the TV and listening to the other, you will see Jane Fredrickson announcing the grand opening of the new Tunisian archaeological exhibition inside the National Museum of History and Culture. Inside this museum, there is a huge diamond valued at more than $100 million. Given that Henry is going through difficult financial conditions. Then he will decide to steal this diamond. Here your mission will start.

Where you have to use your tactics and maneuvering skills to overcome all the obstacles in your way. The task will not be easy, and you will face many difficult obstacles and guards. So use your strategy to get to the treasure, take it, and get out of the museum without getting caught. Start playing Stealing The Diamond now and explore more challenges in this new adventure.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Stealing The Diamond Online?

You will start your mission on Stealing The Diamond when you finish watching the news bulletin and know that the National Museum contains a priceless Tunisian diamond. Here you will think of a plan to enter the museum and steal the diamond without anyone seeing you. The challenge will not be easy and you may prefer many times before you get the diamond. There are policemen, security men, and plenty of guards around.

You must use your skills to pass all the obstacles. Also, interact with the environment and buildings around you until you reach the jewel. The story will be told in an interesting and funny way while playing Stealing The Diamond. If you’ve played any part of this amazing basket before, Stealing The Diamond will be very familiar to you.

Henry is very late in paying the rent for his villainy and has many obligations that led him to steal the jewel. Perhaps this is disgraceful behavior and reaction that we do not develop in real life at all. But you will enjoy playing as an entertainment game and spending an entertaining time, no more. Start the adventure of searching for the diamond now and enjoy the game.


  • A new adventure to steal the diamond.
  • Make an elaborate plan to enter the National Museum.
  • Bypass all monitoring and alarm devices.
  • Watch out for the cops and guards.
  • Use your skills to kick, jump, and interact with everything around you.
  • Funny cartoon graphics.
  • Great narration of the story.
  • Beautiful effects.
  • Easy control options.

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