Breaking the Bank
Breaking the Bank
Breaking the Bank

Breaking the Bank

Breaking the Bank Unblocked

Breaking the Bank Unblocked is one of the wonderful adventure games for the character Henry Stickman. Where you can start a new challenge and a new mission to rob a bank in the desert. So you have to take a decision and plan well for this challenge. Use explosives, dig tunnels, demolish with wrecking balls, and use the teleporter and lasers.

Plus, disguise yourself into different bodies to keep attention away from you. There are many obstacles you will face. Besides, solve puzzles and overcome difficult situations in order to succeed in the mission. This game includes wonderful graphics that are familiar to all players. Start playing Breaking the Bank Henry Stickman online now through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Breaking the Bank Henry Stickman

Breaking the Bank Online is a fun escape and puzzle game and a new part of this famous series. The Henry Stickman series of games in particular, and Stickman games in general, are considered some of the best interesting adventure games and puzzles that you can try. Where you are assigned a difficult task in each game, such as burglary, stealing jewels, escaping from prison, and other tasks. Not to mention that Stickman games are very popular among players and are considered one of the most popular games on various operating platforms.

You may have played any part of this series before. But you are about to indulge in the best adventure with Breaking the Bank. The game was developed by Puffballs United and the game was published in 2015. After that, this game became available in HTML 5 format so that you can enjoy playing online through your browser. The plot of this story revolves around Stickman’s plan to storm one of the banks that was built in the desert. Although the task seems easy, it is not so!

Where you have to dig tunnels, use explosives, laser drill, and use your disguise skills to bypass guards and obstacles in your way. All the situations you will encounter will depend on your decisions and tactics while playing. As well as interact with the environment, items, and characters around you. In addition to solving puzzles and avoiding traps so that you can succeed in the plan to rob the bank, seize a lot of money, and achieve victory. Start this mission now and enter the bank.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Breaking the Bank Henry Stickman Online?

Breaking the Bank Game is considered one of the games that is familiar to players and includes very easy control options. If you have played any of the previous parts of this series, then this game will be very familiar to you. Not only that, but even the game’s graphics are the same, but the events and missions you will go through are different. With rich and entertaining gameplay, a dangerous challenge, and many events awaiting you in this story.

At the beginning of the game, Henry will take a shovel and start digging the tunnel. There are many items that you can use in drilling. For example, use laser guns, explosives, demolition urns, etc. You should know that the bank is surrounded by policemen, guards, and alarms. Therefore, any wrong behavior will lead to failure of the mission.

Breaking the Bank Advantages

Overcoming Obstacles And Difficult Situations

Your main task in playing is to avoid any situation that could lead to the failure of the mission. In addition to using items that will help you in drilling and blasting. Plus, solve puzzles so that you can move on to the next part of the plan.

Dig The Tunnels To Reach The Bank

There are many machines and tools that you can use to gain access to the main vault of the bank. This step will save you from engaging in fierce battles with guards and policemen, which may lead to your arrest. Build the tunnel and use the shovel, laser, demolition balls, teleporter, and bouncing ball. In addition to using camouflage and disguise skills to get out of any predicament.


The matter does not depend only on Henry’s personality on Breaking the Bank. But you can also get help from some people. Plus, interact with other characters within the game, such as Willy Colin and Chad Hansen. Besides, interact with other elements around you to solve puzzles and bypass traps.


The graphics in this game are one of the familiar and wonderful features. The game includes the same graphics as the previous parts of the game. But what is different is the gameplay and the new task that you have been assigned. Not only that, but you will enjoy the dialogue text, instructions, and wonderful sound effects.


  • A dangerous and epic adventure game.
  • Plan the bank robbery well.
  • Dig tunnels.
  • Use of lasers and explosives.
  • Bypassing alarm systems and guards.
  • Avoid falling into the hands of the police.
  • Collect as much money as possible.
  • Interact with everything around you.
  • Easy control options.
  • Great graphics.

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